Bucket List: 100 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

Since the time that my sister introduced to me the idea of making a bucket list, it has never stopped haunting me. In fact, my urge to do it has only heightened each day that passed. I wasn’t slack about getting it done; I just simply couldn’t find time. Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! 🙂 Oh well… Fret no more Chang, for today you are going to turn that incredible thought into a reality.

Before I expire, I wish to accomplish the following:

1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

2. Serve a full-time mission

3. Marry the person I love in the Lord’s Holy House for time and all eternity.

4. Further my education and get a Post-graduate University Degree

5. Bear three (3) children and rear them in the Lord’s way

6. Discover Japan with Rowel

7. Work as an executive in one of the world’s famous hotels

8. Meet Kris Aquino in person

9. Set my foot on Uncle Sam’s ground (The U.S.A)

10. Start a family business

untitled11. Send at least two less fortunate individuals to school

12. Sponsor an orphanage in the Philippines

13. Treat my nieces and nephews to Disneyland or Universal Studio (regardless of the country)

14. Run a marathon for a cause

15. Perform a Latin dance

16. Dress up like a celebrity and strut

17. Acquire a degree in Culinary Arts

18. Record a song and publish it

19. Build a house for dad and mama

20. Own a DSLR camera

21. Tour Korea and eat an authentic Korean dish

22. Pay forward by giving gifts to the poor/sick children in the Philippines during Christmas day

23. Have a picture of me and Rowel kissing in front of the Eiffel tower

24. Join a tennis tournament and win an award

25. Take a picture of the Great Pyramid of Egypt

26. Read the Bible from cover to cover

27. Travel one of the Asian countries with my four siblings

28. Be photographed by someone famous

29. Be a part of the KAPAMILYA (ABS-CBN) network

30. Go fishing with my hubby and our kid(s)

31. Have my picture taken in front of the Burj Al Khalifa in Dubai

32. Make a difference in someone’s life

33. See a real Kangaroo in Australia (yes, it should be in that country!)

34. Visit Hawaii again

35. Deactivate my Facebook account for a month and blog about what I’ve learned from doing it

36. Attain a Doctorate Degree

37. Do the job that I love doing

38. Eat in one of the Pizzerias in Italy

39. Learn how to drive a vehicle and pass the driver’s licensure exam

40. Enjoy a food trip in Singapore with Rowel

41. Shake Anthony Bourdain’s hand or be featured in one of his travel shows

42. Send our kid(s) to internationally recognized schools

43. Organize a lavish birthday party for Rowel

44. Learn one language (apart from English) and be able to fluently speak, completely comprehend and accurately write such

45. Open a bank account and save money for each of our kid(s)

46. Witness our kid(s) serve a full-time mission

47. Experience the happiness that comes from seeing our (child)ren being married in the temple of God with the person t(he)y love

48. Buy/Build our dream house

49. A getaway in one of the Asian Countries with my Dad

50. A Walk to Remember: Great Wall of China

51. Read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover

52. Master the art of Photography and exhibit my master pieces

53. Enroll in a dance school

54. Make one Taho vendor happy. I must eat taho! aaaahhh

55. Enter at least fifty temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

56. Do helmet diving in Boracay

57. Experience cruising in the Caribbean Sea with my other half and our kid(s)

58. Grant Rowel’s wish to own at least one LV bag

59. See in person the Lord’s living prophet or apostle

60. Read at least 10 good books in one year

61. Engage in a good cause: A Mission in Africa

62. An escapade in one of the Asian Countries with my mom

63. Paint my favorite scenery

64. Stay in a luxurious hotel with Rowel for three days

65. Own a farm

66. See Sarah Geronimo perform live

67. Travel from Mindanao to Luzon by ship

68. Visit my BYUH roommates’ home countries and meet their awesome families:

– Mandy Mak: Hong Kong

– Maureen Ah-sha: Tahiti

– Amoul Rashika: Fiji

– Liezel Lising: Pampanga Philippines

69. Spend Christmas in New York

70. Experience water rafting

71. Visit the famous cities/provinces of my native land

– Davao

– General Santos City

– Cebu

– Bohol

– Cagayan De Oro

– Iloilo

– Ilocos

– Bataan

– Baguio

– Zambales

– Tarlac

– Pampanga

– Tagaytay

– Laguna

– Samar

– Tacloban

– Leyte

– Manila

– Benguet

– Palawan

– Ifugao

– Vigan

– Pangasinan

72. Eat an interesting or weird food

73. A photo of Rowel and I kissing in front of the PETRONAS towers – Malaysia

74. Mount on a horse

75. Climb the Philippines’ Highest Mountain: mount Apo

76. A week vacation in Korea with Rowel

77. Own a diamond

78. Learn how to swim

79. Be promoted to the Freshly Pressed section of the WordPress.com homepage

80. Win a blog award

81. Spend one summer in Alaska

82. Be a blessing to my siblings. Make one of their wishes come true:

  • Kuya Dex
  • Kuya Don
  • Ate Darl
  • Christine

83. Do indexing and other family history/genealogical work

84. Celebrate our wedding anniversary in Greece

85. Swim with the sharks

86. ****************

87. Take a picture of a real BEAR

88. Walk along the beach with Rowel

89. Learn how to play one musical instrument

90. Own a condominium

91. Write a letter to my kid(s)

92. Learn at least one martial art

93. Make a scrapbook

94. Grant the ultimate wish of:

o Dad
o Mom

95. Consecrate my time to the Lord through serving in the Temple as a matron with Rowel as a patron

96. Play with my grandchildren

97. Be an event organizer

98. Cater for one family event

99. Blog it: Reach that 100,000 hits

100. Love the animals. Pet one!


Crossed off – Fulfilled

Colored Blue – In progress

Colored Black – To be achieved

************ – confidential

To have a good balance of the temporal and spiritual aspect of my life is what I will strive to achieve. I hope all the things on the list conform with the said objective.