As soon as the clock hit 00:01 hours, I was overly joyed as it signaled that 2012 just ended and the new year has just started.  The past year wasn’t really my favorite one for the reasons I cannot divulge. But a thought came to mind; those mishaps, trials or indifferences that I went through last year could have been turned into a learning and positive experiences  had I been more faithful and prayerful. Sadly, all I did was complain and question each situation that I had on. Consequently, I was making it hard for my MAKER to bless me. Indeed, I lost focus on my eternal perspective!

This 2013, I will get back on the right track. I must be reminded that I am here on earth to be tried and tested in all things to prove my love, faithfulness, worthiness, and allegiance to my Heavenly King. I know that this will be a better year for us! 🙂 I will start off by recognizing the Lord’s hands in our daily living through giving thanks to Him for the blessings and miracles that He has showered and shown unto us. And in order for me not to forget my goal this year, I will post each day “one thing” that I am grateful for. A worthwhile challenge it will be, I know!  

For January 1, 2013 entry: I’m grateful for my eternal family, specially for my heroes (my two boys)! They have saved me from selfishness, impatience, ingratitude and unkindness. A constant reminder they are to me that I should live my life in such a way that will allow me to be together with them even in the eternities. Truly, life is less difficult because they are there to make me happy and love me like no other! 🙂



It is my desire to embrace 2013 with posivity and gratitude.

A promising new year to all of us. 🙂