It is undeniable that each of us somehow has a dream of beholding, with our own naked eye, the magnificence and exquisiteness of the world through travelling. Do you have dream places? Which countries you’ve always wanted to spend that well-deserved holidays? If these questions were thrown to you, I am certain that it wouldn’t be difficult for you to give a positive response and to immediately enumerate those countries in a split-second!  When I was still in college, I’d always wanted to visit Egypt, Japan and Paris. Egypt for its mind-boggling creation of the pyramids… Japan for its fascinating culture including the food and the language … Paris for its obvious romanticism and picturesque scenery… Sigh!!!!!


I got the chance to study and work in the United States of America for almost five years but even then, the intensity of my desire to visit those dream places never lessened. Countless times, I would watch documentary films about the countries I’d always dreamt of visiting just to appease my craving for that seemed-to-be-impossible aim. However, things changed when I decided to commence my adventure in the land of camels, sand dunes and kabsa– Saudi Arabia. Truly, opportunities opened its door for me especially in making my dream a reality including a worth-remembering weekend get-away in Egypt and a fantastic trip to Japan for a week. Oh yeah, finally! A romantic sightseeing in Paris is still a fulfillment-in-progress.  Hopefully!


Egypt and Japan are incommensurable; hence, I opted to narrate my unique experiences in both countries to two different tales. It’s for real! In this way, it will become easier for you, my enthusiastic followers, to fully grasp the essence of each story that I want to share. My adventure in Japan will be posted on my next blog, I promise. But for now, let us emerge ourselves to that quite interesting and one-of-a-kind weekend escapade in Egypt!


I am neither a whiz-kid nor a bookworm! Needless to say that I don’t have a well-informed mind and thus, don’t know much! So please, let us not even attempt to discuss about the history of Egypt or its ancient civilization or its political culture or structural reforms or the Pharaohs… No way! Before I visited Egypt, all I knew was it’s part of the continent of Africa and the home of the pyramid of Giza, the great sphinx and the famous mummies! Oh well…

On the 27th of May 2009 at around seven o’clock P.M, Egypt welcomed us with an excellent weather and amazing atmosphere. As soon as we got off the aircraft, I couldn’t help myself from uttering the words, “It feels like home!” The sun was still up even the clock already hit 8 o’clock.  Amazing, huh? I was really in awe!


So, what you should not miss when you are in Cairo, Egypt?

Enjoy a romantic and breath-taking cruise in the Nile River at night…


If I were to describe this experience in a nutshell, it’s like capturing the entirety of Egypt at a glimpse! Authentic Arabic and Egyptian cuisines in a fine-dining sense, remarkable Egyptian ornaments and attention-grabbing arts, amiable local staff and crew, serene atmosphere and spectacular view… Who would want to miss these????

This hottie belly dancer entertained us while we were  cruising and having dinner! Oh lala!


This was taken inside the cruise ship before the other guests arrived! hahaha


While enjoying the cruise, I took a killer pose!

  • Visit the Pyramid of Giza and the great Sphinx and be astounded!

Because of my immeasurable excitement, I got butterflies in the stomach as soon as I saw the tip of the great pyramid!  Remarkable indeed!


Kissing the sphinx should be on your list of what not to miss!

The price is in Egyptian Pound… 🙂


With our awesome tour organizer!

  • Quench your thirsty mind by paying a visit to Cairo Museum…

Have you seen insects and animals being mummified? Are you interested in intricate embellishments and artworks depicting the Egyptian culture? Do you want to see a real mummy?  To be educated in an amusing and interesting way is surely hard to miss! (Cameras are not allowed inside the Museum by the way)


This was taken outside the Cairo Museum…

  • Understand the Egyptians’ way of living by going to the Pharaonic Village….

Mingle and play with the locals and be an Egyptian for a day!!!

outside the Pharaonic village

Yup, I bought this authentic PAPYRUS! yay!

  • Buy authentic pasalubongs (presents?) from Egypt’s famous souk…

Learn the art of haggling!!!!! Make a good deal or be a loser! 😛


On our way to the souk! (Egypt’s divisoria?) 😀


just one of the shops that we checked out

cool miniature pyramids


Don’t just eat anywhere! Well-known food chains/restaurants that are conforming to international standards when it comes to cleanliness are still the best places to dine in… (Pizza hut, KFC, etc.)

At Pizza Hut…

Make sure you have an Arabic-speaking guide as some locals are very deceiving! They always want your money!

Mohammad speaks Arabic!

For every little service that the locals will do for you, they will “require” you to give tips! Yes, even just clicking your camera or giving you a piece of tissue… In fairness, our local guide wasn’t one of them; hence, we gave him a well-deserved tip! (I wasn’t able to take a picture with him. Tsk!)

–  Bring enough money and, as much as possible, do not use Egypt’s ATMs.

–  Never miss your breakfast as you will always have a long day!

Always capture each moment! Take tons and tons and tons of pictures!!!!

with my colleagues…

The Nile River

Whoa! I hit the sphinx! 😛


Our sojourn in Egypt was remarkable and really arduous to forget. I had so much fun; however, like what I always say to my friends, there are some events in your life that are enjoyable but not worth going back at all! Indeed, my 3-day trip to Egypt was the realization of one of my fondest dreams and it will forever remain as a once-in-a-life-time experience!