Our decision to visit Osaka, Japan last June 2010 was made in just a wink of an eye!  Believe it or not, my husband and I didn’t have to go through the usual painstaking process of debating and compromising things just to come up with a fair decision for the benefit and satisfaction of both parties.  Do you wonder why? Hhhmmmm…. Japan was the only country that Rowel and I had in common in our list of dream places! Awesome Japanese Anime, delectable Japanese cuisine, fascinating Japanese language and amazing Japanese technical prowess were some of the reasons why we really wanted to go to Japan. Surprisingly, after our visit, we were bombarded with more reasons… I will tell you why…

When Rowel and I got off the aircraft and our feet touched the Kensai Airport for the first time, we immediately felt that unfathomable excitement and repeatedly uttered the word “WOW!” Wasting not our time, I hurriedly took my camera out of my bag and asked Rowel to strike a pose to almost every corner of the airport. Rowel told me, “Okay Mahal (love), it’s your turn. This is for your Facebook page!” In Japanese language and while pointing to the “no photography” sign, one of the police officers in the Airport hurriedly came to us and forbade us from taking pictures in the immigration area. We were so embarrassed! Because we were so enthralled in the airport alone, we almost forgot that my cousin and her husband were already waiting for us outside! I know! We were so hilarious!

Because of this picture, we got busted… hahahaha

When we were on our way to my cousin’s mansion, Ate Bening and her husband, Tsuji, asked us if there was a particular place in Japan that we eagerly wanted to visit.  “Being in Japan alone already satisfied our fondest longing,” I replied in my thought.

We were really captivated by Japan’s beauty and grandeur when my cousin toured us around…


Ate Bening’s mansion


Universal Studio Train


Inside Japan’s MRT


Humongous raddish


 First authentic Ramen experience


mouth-watering ramen!

TAKOYAKI: Osaka’s best

If you want to know what TAKOYAKI is… hit this site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takoyaki


Dotonbori: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C5%8Dtonbori

With Ate Bening in one of the shopping centers in Osaka…


Sanrio Gallery



KOBE’s shopping center


China town…



The MAP! 🙂

Somewhere in KYOTO with Ate Bening and Tsuji


FOOD TRIP: Italian cuisine

Beautiful ladies with their KIMONOS



Old Japanese Temples

Such a beautiful place!!!! I love Kyoto!!!



first authentic Japanese dining experience



Rowel and I at USJ (Universal Studio Japan)


Tempozan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tempozan_Ferris_Wheel


I smiled, but deep inside me i was scared to death

Tempozan at night…

OKONOMIYAKI: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okonomiyaki

Our trip to Japan was really worth remembering. My husband and I fell in love more with the place. I am so grateful for having relatives who are very generous and thoughtful! Thank you Ate Bening and Tsuji for making our trip so memorable and fun!!!! WE love you!


If there’s one place that Rowel and I will never get tired of going back… it is definitely Japan!!!!


MATA NE Japan!