Exploring the two of the most enchanting tourist destinations in the Philippines together with my four siblings was one of the best family vacation memories that I hold dear in my heart. Now that we’re all grown up and have individually taken different paths in life, a simple get-together becomes difficult, much more an out of town escapade. For this reason, every opportunity that we could bond together, we would really grab and cherish forever.

The Five of Us 

Last May 31, 2011, my two sisters (Darlene and Christine), my brother (Dominic), his wife (Che), their cute son (Nephi) and I flew via Airphils from Davao to Cebu to meet my husband (Rowel) and my oldest brother (Dexter) there. Oh, I was two months pregnant then, so Sage was also with us on the said trip! ūüôā

At Mactan International Airport, 31 May 2011

As soon as we arrived in Cebu, we took a couple of pictures and hurriedly looked for a taxicab outside the airport to bring us to the wharf where the Fast Ferries that would bring us to Bohol were docked. Rowel and my big brother, who flew from Manila to Cebu, were already there waiting for us. Excitement and happiness filled the moment when we finally got together for the first time at the port. Wasting not a single minute, we embarked on the fast ferry, OCEANJET, to our first destination РBohol. After approximately two hours, Tagbilaran welcomed us with a cold breeze and soothing smell of the ocean. We all fell in love with the said place in an instant! 


We stayed at Panglao Island for a couple of nights and we loved it there. The beach was just a few steps away from the apartment that we rented; thus, it felt like we were in paradise.

(from left- right: Christine, Ate Darlene, yours truly and Ate Che)

See those fine white sand of Panglao? So beautiful right?! 

 SEA Urchin: Our dinner. Yummy indeed!

What we didn’t miss in Bohol:

The Blood Compact Site


Lunch Buffet while cruising the Loboc River

Butterfly sunctuary

Tarsier’s Kingdom

 Man-made Forest

Chocolate Hills

After three fun-filled days, we left Bohol with happy hearts. Surely, we would go back there someday!


On the 2nd of June 2011, we headed back to Cebu and commenced our adventure right away. Our first stop was at Larsian’s – the city’s famous eating haven. They said that if you don’t know the place, then you probably have not been to Cebu!¬†

I didn’t enjoy it! The food was just terrible and the place was too stuffy! To be fair, it could be because I was pregnant and picky at that time. ūüôā¬†

On our second day, we spent most of our time at the Cebu Philippines Temple doing endowment and discovering the solemn place.

It was my very first time to be with my siblings inside the Lord’s holy house doing His marvelous work. A day worth remembering indeed! I’m looking forward to another spiritual experience with them in the near future.

To continue, we explored the city on another day and these were the famous spots that we got to visit…

¬†Magellan’s Cross

Fort San Pedro @ Plaza Independencia

Chinese Temple

We had fun in Cebu! By the way, the trip was also extra special for Rowel and I, because it was our first time to behold  the magnificence of Cebu and Bohol.

To end, I want my siblings to know that I can’t wait to go on another vacation ¬†and build more beautiful memories with them:) When and where would be our next adventure? We shall see…. I love you guys!