LONG OVERDUE: Valentine’s Date @ Friday’s & Birthday Celebration @ Sizzler House

Rowel and I are blessed to have a number of close family friends here in the KSA and one of them is the OBCENA FAMILY. Since we live in the same building, having a frequent get-together becomes effortless. In fact, it’s already  a tradition to have a movie night at least once a week at the Obcena’s mansion or to dine out on special occasions in not-so-expensive restaurants nearby. Last February 14, we celebrated Valentine’s Day at T.G.I. Friday’s – Corniche Al Khobar and just before the month of February ended, we had an early birthday celebration for Kuya Erwin at Sizzler House – Mall of Dhahran.


We arrived a bit late at Friday’s and considering that it was not an ordinary day; we had to wait about 10-15 minutes to be seated. Anyhow, let’s start digging in…


Creamy Broccoli Soup

I must admit, the soup was irresistibly good! It was super cheesy and really tasty. For the price of  7 SR? WINNER!



The fisherman’s platter was still a hit! If I could remember it right, the price was around 40-50 SR.? FAIRISH!



I was kind of disappointed! Aside from the fact that their servings got smaller, the taste also became less savory. For the price of around 80-90 SR???? NOT A GOOD CHOICE!



Ate Len didn’t enjoy this pricey dish. While eating the fish, she jokingly said, “Can I ask the waiter to give me ‘toyomansi’ with hot pepper?” hahaha “TOYOMANSI” in a fine dining? I’m not quite sure if how much did it cost… I’ll just give my estimate though.. 75-85SR? THUMBS DOWN!


I think the wait wasn’t worth it! The dishes we ordered were not really delightful to the taste, except for the soup and appetizer. Furthermore, the waiter wasn’t that friendly and our needs were not attended right away. It might be my last meal at FRIDAY’s… unless someone will pay the bill for me! hahaha




After eating at Sizzler House with the AREVALO’s one time, I started bragging to all my friends, including Ate Len, about my experience on how amazing the waiters and excellent the menus were in that Restaurant. They were fascinated with my story; hence, they agreed to celebrate Kuya Erwin’s birthday there. I was so glad that I didn’t fail them! 


Bring on the….


My husband loved the spring roll while kuya Franz (the OBCENA’s first born son) ate most of the chicken strips. Oh, I super liked the cheese sticks and nachos!  Ate Len was happy with the crunchy sampler that we ordered! How much’s it? Believe it or not, it’s just 35SR! We ordered two and WHOA… we returned the container cleaned! 😀




I’m addicted to any pasta dishes; so I won’t comment much about this so as not to appear biased! Two words to describe it, perfectly luscious! The price??? around 35-40 SR! 😀



 We can assure you that everything you see in this plate is really Y-U-M-M-Y! All for the birthday boy… 🙂 Guess how much it is? 66SR!



My husband’s choice! He didn’t regret ordering it as it was truly worth for the price of 79SR… D-E-L-I-C-I-O-S-O!



Ate Len was all “SMILE” while savoring each piece on the plate. This actually also became my instant favorite! I would pay more than 79Sr for this… 😀


 Aside from the scrumptious food, the waiter was also very amiable and attentive to our needs. We highly recommend SIZZLER HOUSE to all our friends in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! By the way, this is not a paid advertisement! hahahaha


 Regardless of the food and venue, there’s really no better way to celebrate  special occasions than to be with people who are dear to you!