Anniversario At OLIVETO

Rowel and I are beyond grateful that after seven years of marriage, we are still happy together and more in love with each other. Our seven years of union might not be a smooth-sailing journey, but we couldn’t complain for we’re endowed with blessings more than we could ever imagine. Growing up and even to this day, there’s only one truth I embrace wholeheartedly, “Marriage is ordained of God” and must therefore last eternally. Without a shadow of doubt, our 7th wedding anniversary was a significant milestone and it’s indeed worthy of celebration.

 We didn’t want to host even a little shindig; hence, we opted to just enjoy an intimate dinner with our family at one of Al Khobar’s restaurants. We were extremely busy on the actual date of our anniversary, so we decided to just have a post celebration anyway. The epic night happened on the 3rd of May 2014 at OLIVETO, an Italian restaurant tucked away from the main strip of Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. One of my colleagues told me that this eating place offers only the best. In fact, I dined out on the story of her wonderful experience at Oliveto for how many days. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait that long before I was able to visit the place and to also enjoy the same things she shared.

 An amiable Filipino waiter welcomed us as soon as we arrived at Oliveto. He gave us the luxury to choose where we wanted to be seated and enjoy our desired privacy. It made me super happy! (Lakas makaartista! haha)


What I really love about Italian Restaurants is the complimentary basket or plate of warm bread that they always serve before you even get the chance to scan the menu.

IMG_8652The crisp crust, soft and tasty inner part and creamy spread developed my liking for Italian bread.

Rowel and I really love Italian dishes. In fact, we already have default orders whenever we visit any Italian Restaurants. Scanning the menu is only for the purpose of checking/verifying the prices. 😀

IMG_8448I would like to emphasize the fact that the number of food on the menu wasn’t that overwhelming, making it easy for the customers to choose their feasts.

We usually start off our meal with a salad or soup. Since Rowel was craving for greens, we skip the hot stuff.

IMG_8605The taste of pungent arugula, salty olives, sweet tomatoes, blunt avocado and sour Italian dressing made this salad so appetizing. The combination of flavors seemed dancing to different tunes inside my mouth.

It’s not an Italian meal without a pizza.


This mouth-watering brick oven pizza is called margherita. It’s our all time favorite! Simple, filling, healthy (in it’s kind) and down right delicious.

It is needless to say that Italian restaurants always take pride of the authenticity of their dish and freshness of their ingredients. This seafood pasta confirmed that fact!

IMG_8662I hope this picture gives justice to this flavorsome dish – fresh seafood (clams, mussels, squid, fish and shrimps) showered with generous serving of tomato sauce and graced with herbs.  THIS IS MY PERSONAL FAVORITE! TO DIE FOR!!!! Truly, this brought the taste of Italy in Saudi Arabia!

IMG_8471Our son enjoyed it as much as I did!!!! 😀

How could I forget this sorbet? It made my night!!!!

IMG_8604It’s tangy and minty. PERFECT!!!! (They served it for free)

I think we ordered the wrong beverages. 😦

IMG_8653I couldn’t describe the taste! hahaha It’s icky!

Here’s another free food!

IMG_8651Sweet and yummy mini-cookies to end our meal!

We’re stuffed and happy. Hurray!


 Thank you to the staff of Oliveto for making our anniversary celebration an awesome one!

The flavorful selection of Italian food coupled with the elegant ambience qualifies this Italian nook to my short list of recommended restaurants in Al Khobar Area.

To my mahal (love), thank you for the treat. Cheers to more memories to create, countries to explore, trials to overcome, FOOD TO TASTE, lessons to learn and blessing to enjoy. I love you through time and throughout all eternity.

7 years down, eternity to go!!!!