Bucket List #32: Make A Difference In Someone’s life

differenceIt has never come across my mind that I will be crossing one item out of my bucket list in just less than 24 hours after posting it. This is truly an overwhelming and humbling experience for me. Coming from one of the most sincere, humble and amazing individuals I’ve known, I was seriously moved to tears while reading her message below:

“I know that you are the epitome of a true LDS woman.

You really got everything. …I am so fortunate to have you as a friend.

…I really consider you as one of my best friends, even though we haven’t got to know each other that much.

But thanks to your blog nakilala na kita.

No wonder we share the same friends.

You truly are a treasure chang and I would like to emulate your qualities.

You totally made a difference in my life. Love you.”

I won’t disclose her identity as she might not want to… To the one who sent me this touching message, you have equally impacted my life positively without you knowing it. Thanks for your example that is also worthy of emulation. Rowel and I always talk about how wonderful your family is. We dearly love you, too! Please don’t make me cry! 😀
I am aware that not all individuals that we will come across in this life will find us endearing or likeable. Not all will agree or appreciate us on how we’d spend our earthly life. Others may even detest us for doing what we know to be right. Some may just simply make us their greatest antipathy regardless if we do something good or not.

It is incontestable that each of us has weaknesses that we strive to overcome daily. And it is sad to know that our shortcoming also becomes one of the reasons why many people will hate us. Nonetheless, regardless of the inadequacies that we have and the haters that surround us, let us not lose that goal to somehow live a worthy life, do something good for others especially those who dislike us, and ultimately make a difference in somebody’s life.

Let us remember that there will always be some people who will highly esteem, accept and love us whoever we are and however we live our life. Thank them, for surely they also have made a difference in your life!