Remaliah Turns 4

imageFour years ago today, Rowel and I laid our eyes on the most precious gift, our firstborn, that we received fresh from our Heavenly Home. It was a miraculous event that made our lives more meaningful and since then, we were never the same again!

Remaliah (Sage), our super boy, thank you for being our superhero – one of our sources of happiness, strength and inspiration. You always saved us from loneliness, hopelessness and misery. Life would not be this amazing without you.

We thank Heavenly Father everyday for entrusting you to us – our precious not-so-little one. Our love for you has grown since the time we first held you in our trembling arms. You are such a joy to behold. You are our pride and joy. Our piece of Heaven on Earth!

We have no other wish for you but to grow in the light of the gospel of Christ. It is always our prayer that you will be strong and healthy and always desirous to serve and obey the Lord. May you continue to be an obedient, kind, loving, thoughtful, industrious, funny, witty and sweet child that you are.

Happy 4th birthday, our Super Remaliah!!!!!! Like we always tell you, you are a gift and you are loved more than you can ever imagine! 😍😍😍