HOUSE OF HOPE: Remaliah’s 2nd Birthday Celebration

I am a little skeptical about sharing what we did for our son’s 2nd birthday since we have been taught in the church that when we do charitable act “let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth” (Matthew 6:3) like hypocrites do. But Christine, my sister, asked me, “How can we spread awareness about the kids in the House of Hope if we will not share our experience?” She also emphasized the fact that had it not for our friend Maurice’s postings on FB, we would have not known about these Kids of Hope in Davao City. (Thanks Mau!)   Some people have strong inclination for charity, but they are just clueless; where, whom, when to extend help.  Hence, I’ve decided to just blog about Remaliah’s birthday celebration at the House of Hope yesterday, 17 December 2013, with an invitation to all my readers to visit and do something for these Kids Of Hope in your own simple way.

If truth be told, most of our family members and friends were unaware that our son’s actual birthday would be celebrated with the hopeful and valiant kids afflicted with  cancer along with their loving parents and other zealous volunteers in the House of Hope. (Now you know, our sincerest apology guys!) It wasn’t something fabulous, grand or lavish, but it was the most enjoyable, inspiring and memorable party that we have had ever attended/hosted.


We were told that when these kids were brought into the House of Hope, some of them could hardly walk and were really weak. But when you look at them now; their eyes are full of hope, their muscles and bones are gaining strength, their lips are all smiles. Minus their unusual baldness, you wouldn’t think these kids are sick.  There is no guarantee for total healing; nonetheless, they are combating the serious illness pretty well.

They’re  undergoing series of chemotherapy treatments and continues medical care. In fact, during the party, some of them weren’t able to attend as they were admitted in the Southern Philippines Medical Center  for their scheduled chemotherapy.  But what really amazes me is that in spite of their  situation, they’re living a normal life. They play. Laugh. Quarrel. And yes, they don’t stop schooling. I believe that miracles do happen in this place everyday.












The Party

Thank you to the staff and crew of Jollibee Buhangin for making not only the kids in the House of Hope happy, but most especially my son on his very special day. My heart is full of gratitude and happiness. Indeed, we’re thankful for all the people who made everything possible… To Christine who did the booking of the party package. Maurice, Kuys and Ma’am Shy for opening the House of Hope as a venue for my son’s birthday party. My niece Hannalei for coming with us and for playing with the Kids of Hope.









Cake (Goldilocks)

DSC_2406 DSC_2346

Prizes (Jollibee)



Loot Bags

We initially prepared chocolates and other sweets from Saudi Arabia, but we were told that they are not allowed to eat chocolates. And so, we just gave them pencils, drawing books and crayons.



Some of the kids in the House of Hope are Muslims, so we weren’t allowed to serve anything with pork. We ordered fried chicken, rice, spaghetti (for the volunteers), burger, peach mango pie and pineapple juice.


To end, I can attest that you do not need to be a millionaire in order to help and make the sick, afflicted, or less fortunate people happy. Rowel and I may not have everything in this world, as we are not wealthy, but we have more than enough to share. Looking at those kids in the House of Hope made me realize that even if our lives aren’t perfect, we have no reasons to complain as our trials are perhaps nothing compared to what these kids are experiencing.  Yesterday’s event truly left a lasting impression in my heart and mind. It will surely be a significant addition to my bucket of good memories!

We know that Remaliah/Sage won’t remember every detail of his 2nd birthday party at the House of Hope, but it is our fervent prayer that our son will develop a penchant for sharing his blessings – no matter how big or small they may be. I hope that he will grow up to be a blessing to others and that he will be a charitable man.


By the way, if you want to know more about these Kids of Hope, you may visit their FB page by clicking here.