Last night, I inadvertently saw the exchange rate of Saudi Riyal to Philippine Peso when we passed the remittance center on our way to the supermarket. I complained in a loud voice, “10.75 pesos to a riyal? Arrrggghhhh… The cost of living, not only here in the Kingdom but also in the Philippines, is becoming high yet our salary remains low.” As expected, my comments were met with my husband’s eyes of dismay! Anyhow, we went to the supermarket to buy the things that we needed for the week. Then, we headed home!

When my husband dropped on our kitchen floor the plastic bags that were  full of goods, I felt EMBARRASSED for complaining earlier. I thought, we are still blessed because we have the means to sustain our needs and at times, purchase our wants. And I suddenly remembered those investigators and church members whom I met and visited years back when I was still working with the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Philippines. Some of them seldom got the chance to even go to the Malls while others had not been to one. You could tell that they’re born in poverty yet, most of them were so positive in life that you could hardly hear them complaining. You could see in their eyes the faith and perseverance to rise above their situation. There were moments when I could not hold back my tears whenever they would share both their struggles and triumphs in life. And amazingly, they’d remained to have that heart filled with gratitude to God. Now, who am  to complain?


Even with our meager income, Rowel and I are still able to provide our son his favorite food…


Also, we can still afford to cook and partake of the food that we love….



It would be a sign of ingratitude to keep on whining for the things we lack instead of counting the blessings that we already have.


6 responses to “WHO AM I TO COMPLAIN?

  1. wow sige mag blog ka ulit na kaka miss baya esp tung binisaya blog…at wow ka sosyal sa gi luto sa mudra ni Sage …..

  2. at super tama talaga ang mesage mo Chang, we are morethan bless compared to others….if u stay in Manila, specially u cannot even get the chance to buy the food that u want to eat..esp that pink salmon that u prepare….and some of fancy restaurant the we able to dine ….with our family…sa Pinas di natin magagawa siguro once a year pde..but here in the kingdom kahit twice a month pwede…tma ka di tayo dapat mag murmur sa mga nangyayari sa exchange rate ng riyals natin..we are super blessed compared to others..sila maka sud an lang ug ginamos basta naay bugas oks na happy na sila…..Thanks God for all the blessings and hoping and praying that more bountiful blessings this 2013…Cheers Chang !!!!

  3. Ate LEN: I still couldn’t think of any topic para sa BISAYA blog! hhahahaha

    TRUE!!! Tuna lang ang afford nato! heheheh murag mga businessman or artists man lang ata ang maka-afford ug salmon sa pinas uyyy…

    Yes, others are even happy na na makakain ng noodles or egg diba? So, who are we to complain! Maka-fushi man ta kahit every month and maka-grocery pa ug bongga!

    Cheers ate for a better 2013! mwah

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