My everyday exhausting routine was interrupted by nine days holiday. Yes, I just got back from a long break! How did I spend it?  INDULGED MYSELF of course!  I did nothing but OVERATE. 😀

Here are some snapshots of our eating sessions…


At last, Taco Bell – the Mexican-American food chain that I love – has a branch now in Corniche Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.  I’m thrilled that it’s already available in the Kingdom, but I don’t think it’s the best place to dine. There are too many tables and chairs crowding the store which makes it appear smaller and stuffy.  It’s kind of uncomfy! Next time, we’ll just buy a take-out meal from there…

How about the food? If truth be told, Rowel and I were really tempted to try everything as they all looked yummy! However, we decided to leave something for next time to try and so, we just ordered the following:

NACHO BELL GRANDE: Nachos topped with STINGY portions of ground beef, tomatoes, cheese and cream, but LOADED with red beans. It’s good, but I wish they put more cheese and tomatoes rather than beans! 😀

My son could only care less about taste and texture of the food – he loved the NACHO BELL GRANDE!

 I tried their Grilled Stuffed Burrito while Rowel had the Burrito Supreme – Spicy Chicken.

The spicy chicken, flavored rice and other spices weren’t evenly placed inside the Tortilla wrap and the mentioned ingredients couldn’t be tasted  until the last two bites. I actually thought that the Burrito was only stuffed with mashed red beans. It’s unbelievable how generous they are with their beans! Sorry, but I am not really super fond of eating red beans.  

I was really sad, because it wasn’t the kind of Burrito that I expected to taste!



The foods may not be as good as the ones I had in the United States, but I still like them. 🙂


Since the time that Magnum Ice Cream was extravagantly publicized in the Philippines, I never stopped looking for one here in the Kingdom just so  to satisfy my curious palate. The craze did not reach Saudi Arabia though, so it took some time before it became available in the Arabian market. And currently, only TAMIMI SUPERMARKET, located in Corniche – AL Khobar, Saudi Arabia, is selling it. Needless to say, this frozen delight finally landed my tongue!! 🙂

I’ve heard and read a lot of reviews about Magnum – mostly negative. However, among those comments, there’s one thing that I would definitely agree, it is EXPENSIVE! For SR12, I could already buy a pint of other known brands of ice cream and make at least two more people happy! 😀

I tried their  mint-flavored ice cream that is generously coated with luscious chocolate. In my viewpoint, it’s more delectable than Ben & Jerry’s, but no better than Galaxy! 😀 They said it’s TOO sweet, but for me, the sweetness isn’t really out of the usual. Perhaps, the only reason that I wouldn’t buy this brand – as often as I can – is the PRICE! 🙂


As you know, Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country and for this obvious reason, pork is banned. However, one of our friends  told us that there’s a restaurant here in the Kingdom that serves grilled meat that tastes like pork! Without a second thought, we went to that eating place and true enough, they offered us something that satisfied our longing for oink! oink! We found out later though that it was just grilled LAMB! 🙂

The restaurant’s name, address and telephone number

The menu

We ordered their mixed BBQ (spare ribs, kebab, lamb) and biryani rice. Super yummy!!!!

Here are some photos of the excited diners…


Sage’s first ever lemon tasting…

I never thought that my little-big boy would love the taste of lemon! He wouldn’t stop licking it… LOL 

That’s all for now folks…. until our next adventure!!!! 🙂