Yesterday, 17 July 2012, marked another milestones in my infant son’s life. Sage’s first (lower right front) tooth peeked through early that morning – exactly the same day that he turned seven-month old. Also, just before we went to bed last night, he showed me an awesome trick. He tried to pull his body up to a stand while holding onto my thigh, then released his both hands and stood for a couple of seconds until he lost his balance. I saw his delicate body bounced on the bed, but he didn’t mind it. He proudly looked at me and then smiled for doing such a stunt. And as a first time mother, there’s no way that I wouldn’t get ecstatic about his developments. Call it an exaggeration – if you want – to take to heart the overwhelming joy that comes from witnessing my child’s amazing progress! 😛 It’s maybe a shallow happiness to some, but it’s a significant achievement for me as a mom. I just can’t wait to see Sage with his gleaming smile and to catch him when his feet are strong enough to run. *sigh*

Within the seven months journey of being a parent, I sensibly learned the extreme importance of relying on this tool known as “mother’s intuition.” Most of the time, it’s more accurate than what’s written on a book or published on the internet or even told by other known “expert mothers.” In my viewpoint, it is because each child is unique; thus, each parent’s approach on how they should be raised varies depending on the baby’s level of developments and needs. We know our kids better- their demeanor, conditions, etc.- so it is safe to say that we can be the  astute judge(s) when it comes to their changes and what not.  However, once in a while, I turn to those sources, get some brilliant ideas on parenthood and just do some modifications before executing them. It has truly been a wonderful and exciting seven months of learning. I just love being a mom!

I still couldn’t imagine – until now – if how I was able to get through the grueling first three months of being a mother to a 2.02 kilogram baby then. I was so glad that the succeeding months wasn’t as exhausting because Sage turned from a fusser to a calm and happy baby! I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving me a good child and for helping me to become easily accustomed with this whole motherhood thing. Otherwise, juggling my responsibilities at home and the demands of my full-time job would be more arduous – if not impossible- to do.

Indeed, witnessing Sage’s remarkable developments makes me proud as a parent and it feels like  every single sacrifice that Rowel and I did, do, and will do for him were, are, and will be so worth it! It is our prayer that our son will continue to grow not only physically but also spiritually strong!

Here are some snapshots of Sage  on his seven-month birthday:

He untied his shoes…

Checked if how I would react…

Gave me that “can’t-figure-out-how-to-remove” look… 😛

So, I laughed and he laughed with me….

He tried another position and then continued to figure out on how to remove his shoe after untying it…

Taking the challenge seriously…

Staying  optimistic…

After multiple failed attempts, he got tired and gave up… LOL

I pitied the fat guy… So, I removed the shoes for him and in an instant, he was enthusiastic again….



    • I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nakakatawa talaga sya… his simple but cute moves really crack me out! he is such a darling… kapag pinagtatawanan ko sta, tatawa lang din sya….

      Thanks tita Nizy for adoring sage-sage!

      • I so love you baby Sage an sarap sarap kagatin ng hita talaga! Such a cute and adorable baby. Ang amo amo ng mukha nya ate chang. Mana sa daddy at sa mommy.

  1. ang mo talaga baby… tita will see you soon pag uwi mo dito sa Pinas…Rhaniel is waiting for you here..we love you….mwaahhhh

  2. @Ate CHe: magpinsan gud mao naay pagkahawig! hehehe

    @Berlay: Thank you Berlay… See you and Rhaniel soon…

    @Anonymous: THAnk you po! 😀

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