My little prince and I didn’t have to hop on to our “magic carpet” and fly to Arwad Suites, where the majestic Arabian birthday celebration of  Princess Chelouise Kacey Tuzara Palasol  took place, because the Yasay Family was kind enough to give us a ride and bring us to the party. As soon as we arrived at the venue, I instantly felt that sense of magic and mystery and the only word that came out of my mouth was “WOW”!

The music and every single detail inside the place perfectly defined the theme of the party.


Inspiration from: superquince.com








for the princesses

for the princes





 The girls got dolled up like bodacious belly dancers while my baby Sage dressed up like hunky Aladdin!

 Princess Shaira, Prince Sage and Princess Kimi! So adorable!

The young ones and the feeling young peeps!  😀

At the photo booth, the two gorgeous daughters of the YASAYs smiled in front of the camera with my handsome prince Sage.

During dinner, the birthday girl went to her friends’ table and posed with them. (L-R: Kacey, Kim, Tito Roi with Sage, Alex and Shai)

KAcey’s stunning friends. (L-R: Kim, Alex, Jessi, Shai, …,  Abigail)

These charming kids wished Kacey all the best things in life… So sweet! 

I was edified upon hearing the beautifully offered prayer of this lovely child – so Christ-like.


Anyhow, the word “AMEN” that was harmoniously uttered by the guests signaled the beginning of an exhilarating night. Everyone in the room, young and old alike, was electrified when Kacey, the alluring birthday girl, performed a sizzling hot dance number. Watch this video and be wowed!

 A splendiferous performance it truly was!!!

Kacey’s parents must be proud for having such a pretty and talented daughter like her. 

The birthday celebrator’s awesome family! (L-R: Kacey, mom Rochelle, Dad Glen and baby Liz)

YOU WANT MORE PHOTOS??????????????? Okay, your wish is granted… 🙂

Guess who serenaded the birthday girl??? Ico, the former lead vocalist of Jeremiah!!! 🙂

Kacey with Tita Ann – the genius behind her dazzling costume!

The prince and the queen! Chos! 😛

Sage-sage with the elites, Roi and Rochelle!

 Mom Rochelle with baby Liz at the Henna art station! Awesomeness! 🙂

Tito Roi and Sage-sage! You both have heartwarming smiles! Chos!

Prince Sage with ravishing tita GRACE!

(L-R: Charisse, Gelaine, Christine and the classy mom of Kacey, Rochelle)

  Grabbing the opportunity to take a pose with the celebrity! 🙂

Hot and proud moms! (L-R: Maila with Nei-nei, Gelaine, Christine and Charisse)


(L-R: Rossette, Chang, Sabel with her son and Ruziel)

Mommy Chang with little Aladdin!

Voluptuous Tita Rose and good-looking Prince Sage

Wonderful family, the Cornelios!

WOW!!! A new pair of rubber shoes for Kacey! 🙂

Tito BERNARD was having fun playing with Sage.

Picture freaks! 🙂

The enthusiastic guests with the Palasol family!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KACEY!!!! Now, blow your fiery seven candles! 😀 Super cool, I know!

I must say that Kacey’s 7th birthday celebration was a huge success. We truly had a blast!!!

Thank you Palasol family for inviting us and happy birthday again Princess Kacey!!!! We love you.  

The fun-filled event was truly a wonderful addition to my chamber of memories here in Saudi Arabia! 



  1. HI Charisse! It was my daughter, Jessi who did the opening prayer. Thanks for featuring her in your blog. I really appreciate it. I am so proud that everybody listened to her while she is saying the prayer. She actually memorized it but just opted to read it. We surely had a blast in the party. Your baby Sage is so cute in his costume. Thanks again! :))

    • Hello Ate Odessa! Your daughter, Jessi, is such an angel!

      I was also entertained when she did the belly dancing… hahahaha super cute! Thank you ate for commenting and appreciating my little prince! mwah

  2. Thanks Chazsm for this wondeful blog of my daughter’s bday party. I’m so happy that you guys enjoyed that nyt…so wonderful feeling! and now it’s your turn doing all the preparations and everything…looking forward for Sage first bday party…luv yah gurl…

    • Ate Rochelle, Kacey’s birthday party was one of best events I’ve ever attended! Super enjoy and everything…

      Yeah, the pressure is now placed upon my head! I hope SAge’s first birthday would be as enjoyable and fabulous as Kacey’s! Don’t miss it! I love you too Ate! mwah

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