EDEVA @ 28

Edeva, my gorgeous preggy buddy, celebrated her 28th birthday at Golden Tulip Dana Bay Resort, Half Moon Bay, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia last 5 July 2012 – though her actual natal day was on the 6th. It was an intimate party attended only by her loving family and close fabulous friends.

I have known the celebrator for nearly five years now. She’s literally the first person I got to know and became close friend with since I started my journey here in Saudi Arabia. During those moments of emotional instability, moments of bemusement and pessimism, she was the one who gave me assurance, comforted and enlightened me about things and helped me rewired my outlook towards positivity. I could still recall those times that I had so many complaints about my kind of life here in the Kingdom, especially with the nature of my job and what not; but I am just so lucky that I have a friend like her who’s so patient in reminding me that instead of whining, I should recognize those blessings that I already have. I think “lucky” is an understatement, I must say “blessed”!

Edeva and I were not spared of arguments and misunderstandings, but at the end of the day, we remained good friends. Our friendship is not perfect, as no relationships are, but I treasure it eternally. She’s one of those few people who I would never forget and that I would forever hold dear in my heart. I am not saying this just because it’s her birthday, but because it’s what I truly feel inside. By the way, I was going to feature her in my 100-day photo challenge, but I guess it was not the best time. And I think doing so now, on her birth month, is the perfect timing!

Speaking of birth month, let us go back to her birthday celebration…


 They rented one villa which has a direct access to the beach. Such a relaxing and fun place!


 A yummy blueberry cheesecake that her sweet husband, Bong, ordered from Saaddedin only for the deserving birthday girl (girl talaga?) LOL


Dvang, as we fondly call her, posed with her awesome family. Her mom, dad and sister drove from Riyadh to AL Khobar just to be on her birthday. How sweet!


As much as we could, we (her friends) would do the best we could so as not to miss her special day.  Not even the sandstorm could stop us!  We just love her dearly!



When it’s Edeva’s birthday, expect that you will be well fed! So, come with an empty stomach and go home fully stuffed with deliciously evil food! hahaha Forget about your diet, right Ohmigoodness.blogspot.com? LOL


 To my dearest friend, Dvang, happy birthday again to you!!! May God grant all that your heart desires. It is our wish that He will lengthen your life so that we will still enjoy your thoughtfulness, love and gregariousness. Also, it is our prayer that you will deliver your son safely so that Papa Bong will be happy and that you both can start building your beautiful family. May you have good health that you maybe able to perform all the responsibilities that you have. We love you forever!!!! Stay gorgeous!


9 responses to “EDEVA @ 28

  1. Once again HAPPY birthday Pretty Preggy mommy to be….gwapa gyud ang mga taga Davao..ug perte gyud ang since of humor!!!:))mwaaahhh for Vang!!from ate Len and Family:))

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