Three of my colleagues and I were unanimous in our decision to celebrate our birthdays at La Paz Batchoy, Al Khobar, K.S.A., together with our friends and associates on July 4, 2012. It was a gathering that’s full of food, stories, laughter and photos – truly a ‘once in a blue moon’ bonding and an event worth reminiscing! Though every thing didn’t perfectly go as we planned, but we surely had a good time!

You might think it’s weird that I celebrated my natal day a month early, but for me it was definitely a sound choice. In fact, I was completely engrossed in savoring the moment that I missed to take some photos of the food we ate! You know me guys; I normally wouldn’t allow people to touch the food unless it’s already photographed by me. Anyhow, here are some photos that were taken on the said day…

July and August Babies: Ricky (July 4), Edeva (July 6), Genalyn (July 17) and yours truly (August 5), HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US ALL!!!!!  Cheers… 🙂


6 responses to “July and August Babies: THE LA PAZ BATCHOY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

  1. hihi… isinama talaga yung august e.. layo pa next month pa iyon! pero advance happy birthday na din!

    Yey! Happy birthday and more blessings sa lahat ng mga may bithday ng July! ang month talaga ng July parang fiesta ng mga birthday..

    • hahahaha oo, joiner talaga ako! 😛 Masaya daw kase kapag marami…

      Belated happy birthday, Mirex! Kahit hindi mo kami invited, happy birthday parin… nyhahahahahha True, fiesta talga kapag July.. why kaya ang daming July babies? 😀

    • aaawwww… YOu are ssoooo sweet my love! Every woman possessess a beauty that is unique to themselves. You are pretty din naman noh… inside out in fact!

      Secret? I think when you are happy and at peace inside, it will naturally exude on the outside! 🙂 Be your own kind of beautiful by choosing to be happy and being the best woman that God wants you to be! 🙂

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