Sage was playing in his walker when I left him inside our bedroom to do some chores. I didn’t play his favorite “Leap Frog” show so that I would hear him if he would cry. A couple of times, I overheard him mumbled something that I didn’t understand. Also, once in a while, he played the music in his walker and grooved. After almost an hour, I didn’t hear anything inside the room but silence. It was the time that I decided to check on my not-so-little boy. I was afraid that Sage would cry and ask me to carry him if he would see me; so, I just peeked furtively. And what did I see?

My poor Sage was sleeping in his walker…

What a piteous sight!!!!


7 responses to “DAY 97: A PITEOUS SIGHT

  1. aluoy ds cute baby oi. very good kaau. wla nlng jud niya gi-disturb iyang busy mommy chang.. naningkamot nlng jud ug iya…. kiss ko sa baby sage ninyo beh.. mwah!!! God bless u always with good health baby sage…and so with the rest of ur family…

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