EMERENCIANA (the lady standin’ on the left side is my mom’s mother), ELENO (the folk sitting on the left side is my dad’s father) and PASTORA (the old woman standing behind grandpa is my dad’s mom)

 Since my mom’s parents were residing miles away from our hometown, when I was still young, I only have had limited memories of them. In  fact, I never got to know my mom’s father that well for the same reason. Good thing, my grandma (mother’s side) stayed with us for a number of years and so, we were able to at least enjoy her company. On the other hand, my siblings and I were attached to my grandparents (father’s side) as they were just living  a hundred steps away from us.  I could still vividly remember how happy they were every time we would visit them. They would ask us to dance, sing, kiss and hug them. Truly, those moments that they were still alive and the affection they generously showed are worth reminiscing.  They were not rich, yet they were happy individuals. I learned a lot of good values from them. We loved them as much as they loved us.  They are definitely missed!

Having the chance to build wonderful memories with my grandparents, before they gave up their ghosts, is one of the many blessings that I treasure the most in this mortal life.


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