I was planning to skip posting my photo entry for today as I am not really feeling well. It seems like my head will explode any moment from now. This headache is killing me!!! As much as I wanted to sleep early and all, I could not as my active child decided to stay up and play for I don’t know how long. He’s wide awake while I am typing this blog. 🙂 So, good luck to me!

While Sage is busy maneuvering his walker, I’m thinking of a lot of things – like FOOD! 😀 Oh wait, my baby is crying… He’s probably weary by now. So, I need to make my blog really short. 🙂 Okay, the first thing that came to my mind when I thought about food was my favorite fruit –  DURIAN!

Others say it’s stinky, but for me I love its fragrance. And its taste is just incomparable! I can’t wait to go home and enjoy eating this delicious fruit with my family. Okay folks, this is all for now.. Gotta go because my little rascal is going wild already. hahaha  Good night everyone.


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