“Are you introducing solid food to your child yet?,’ asked by Sage’s pediatrician the last time we visited him.  Of course, I answered the doctor with a resounding ‘YES!’ He then made follow-up questions, ‘Are you using natural food and prepare them with your hands? No blender or food processor?’ I proudly said, ‘Yes, doctor!’ With a smile, the doctor said, ‘Good!’ Before that conversation with my son’s Pediatrician, I was almost tempted to buy organic ready-to-eat baby food in the grocery store – for my convenience! 🙂 But now, I was thinking to just continue preparing Sage’s food at home. It’s time-consuming, but I know it’ll be worth it! 

Today, I thought of cooking something that has vegetable, fish and rice for my little boy’s lunch. When I checked our refrigerator, I found a piece of squash and a couple of Salmon steak. One is rich in vitamin A (good for the eyes)  while the latter is the number one source of DHA OMEGA 3 (good for the heart and brain). I combined those two nutritious ingredients with the rice that I was cooking and tried to achieve that porridgy consistency. It took me about 20-30 minutes to cook it! 🙂

I was so happy to see my baby’s reaction when he saw the food that I prepared for him…

I asked his dad to take a picture of him, but Sage didn’t want to be disturbed while he’s eating. He even tried to get the camera from his father and gave him this look…

I think my experiment was a success because he ate a bowl of the food that I made! YAY!!!!

A simple joy of a mother! 



  1. you did it …you did it..hehehe Dora au oie…Ako sad i’m so excited na mag 6months na c rhaniel kay mag prepare nasad ko food ani para sa iya hehhe..mag stock na jud ko ani potato para dili bitaw masanay sa cerelac..maka tempt jud xa oie kay dali ra au butangan lng hot water then ok na..pero choice nato mommy ang maging healthy atong baby mao na basin kapoy we are prefer to made our own food para nutritious ang baby hehhe.

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