DAY 80: Impressive Bravery

On the 17th of June 2012, just when my son turned six-month old, we went to the Primary Health Care Centre in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, as he was due for another painful yet beneficial immunization. Every time we go to that place, the unwanted feeling of nervousness never fails to creep into my system. Needles really freak me out! It might not be obvious, but I’m lamer than my little Sage. Here are the proofs how my boy portrayed that commendable bravery:

He got fascinated with the clinic’s decor. And yes, Sage now weighs 8.03 kg. *Yay!

While the nurse was measuring his length, he was so kind to grant mommy’s pleading to smile, as I took a picture of him for documentation purpose. 🙂 *Thank you baby!

The awesome nurse didn’t have a hard time measuring his head as he was so behaved. He was very cooperative. *Good job my son!

He didn’t like the taste of the medicine that was given to him. So, he showed  us that sign of disgust!  *You still made mommy proud, my boy! 

This was taken during the vaccination process. 🙂 *first shot

After the nurse injected the medicine, he only cried for a couple of seconds.   

He felt the pain, but still managed to compose himself. *second shot


After the shots, he found comfort in my arms. * I love you Sage. You are such a brave boy!!!!!

Tears do not signify cowardice or weakness. There will be moments that no matter how strong we are, we burst into tears just to relieve the pain that we feel inside. And more often than not, the hurt could be eased and  console could  be found only in the arms of that somebody whom we love or who loves us!  🙂


10 responses to “DAY 80: Impressive Bravery

  1. waaahhh impressive isug gyud ka sage bisaya gud hehehheeh….we love u baby sage!!u remind me of Kuya Franz…:)

  2. makamiss ang ingun ani na moment.i’m sad na layo ko sa mga sipat pra i comfort sila labi na pagmagsakit sakit.:(
    pero bilib jud ko ni sage ba! i love you baby!!! muah

    • Ma-experience na nako na sis na malayo kay Sage… kay next year, mag-uli na sila ni Rowel… 😦

      Isog kaayo si Sage ay… after, murag wala ray nahitabo… hyper gihapon… Love you too tita Jay! mwah

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