On the evening of the 30th of May 2012, we had an intimate get-together with our close friends at the Dulam’s – which we often do. However, it was a different night as we didn’t go there to just merely eat and party, but to celebrate a wonderful friendship with the family who has been an exemplar of faith, humility, sincerity, and charity. We laughed and cried as everyone, except Rowel and I, shared their worth reminiscing stories and tender feelings for the said family. It was truly a fun night alloyed with sadness! Before they leave Saudi Arabia this June for better-life-promoting reasons, we wanted them (Lea, Kuya Bryan, Bryce and Nina) to know that they are special to us and they have made a positive impact in our lives. It will surely be different not to see them every week. Oh, what a major change! 😦

It is indeed true that change is the only thing that remains constant in this imperfect world. Individuals continue to change their perspectives or plans, and even the world itself has never been the same from where it began. This shift in paradigm has consequently brought an enormous effect to “me”– a tiny part of the human race.

Queries about the cycle of life intrude my mind lately. Why do we have to pace with the fast changing world in order to grow and survive? Why do people come and go in our lives? Why do we always need to cope with change? Why? Why? Why? Too many questions that I don’t have concrete answers with. Nonetheless, I am certain that everything happens for a reason. And the more I willingly accept the fact that everything has a purpose, it becomes easier for me to move on or stand back up when things seemed to be incomprehensibly occurring.

There are a lot of things that I would want to say, but I just couldn’t find the right words to express them. Lea, you can read my mind right? 😀 I’m just glad that in our journey here in the KSA, we have found true friends like the Dulam family. Seldom can we find individuals who possess Christ-like attributes and friends who are real. Thanks for being so kind and for treating us like a part of your amazing family here in the KSA. We love you guys and we’re going to miss you badly! I couldn’t remember the last time that I felt this great sadness. But then, I know we’re still going to see each other again – soon!

 Dulam Family, know that our friendship is something that I genuinely hold dear to my heart



  1. waaaaaahhhhhhh…..ano ba yan Charisse pina iyak mo ako..parang ako, kami ang aalis ng KSa hihihihihi..haist tama ka minsan ako din nag mumuni esp the other day..naiisip ko yung pag alis Ni Lea and Family…ang tanong ko sa sarili ko…sino na naman kaya ang susunod…parang feeling ko kulang ang firday pag di ko sila nakikita…yung mga ngiti Ni Lea, at malakas niyang Tawa…AT YUNG pa ngiti ngiti ni Brian na kung sa cebuano pa ” ang tawo na way libug”…

    and You are right they possess all the christlike atttribute na tinatawag,,,ngayon lang din ako naka meet ng isang tao na kahit na lumaki with a golden spoon pero napaka down to earth at yun ay si Lea…haist napamahal na sa akin Si Lea mga times na down na down ako dito sa Saudi..though mas bata siya keysa sa akin nasasabihan ko siya ng mga nasasaloob ko naiiyakan ko siya ng mga sadness ko dati dahil nag aadjust ako sa buhay dito..parang kung minsan pag naiisip ko yun talagang napapaluha ako…sa buong buhay ko ang dami ko ng naging kaibigan pero ibang iba si Lea at Brian…sila talaga ang nag paramdam sa amin paera maging at home kami sa Branch..Ganun paman life must go on…alam ko na makimita pa rin natin sila at ang sabi ko nga kay She she huwag niyang kakalimutan si Bryce at ipapa alala ko si Bryce sa kanya lagi..

    The best itong posting na tu talagang na super touch na touch ako sagad sa buto…:( thanks for sharing Chang!!!

    • I really feel na parang may kulang na! The best jud ilang family te… I love them talga!!!! SAyang jud na nganong karon ra me nagka-close oi… dapat sa una pa… kaso si Lea intimidating man gud… hahaha Pero super bait and sincere and thoughtful pala!! Haist!!!!

      So kulang na talaga Friday natin! I’m just glad andyan parin ang OBCENA family! Ate, let’s visit them next year! I so want to see them every year!

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