Day 65: Favourite Holiday



Christmas is my favourite holiday ever.

I’ve observed that people tend to be more generous regardless if they have enough or close to nothing. They are merrier in spite of the hardship and trials in life that they are facing. I’ve also noticed that they are even more willing to make amends for doing something wrong to others and easier to forgive those who have caused them so much pain. It is indeed the time of the year that I feel the spirit of Christ shines through and His teachings being reflected in each person’s life – THE MOST. I wish it is Christmas everyday!

And for this year, let me be the first one to greet you my friends…

from Hawaii:   MELE KALIKIMAKA!!!!  (Oh, how I miss saying this!)

from Luzon, Philippines: MALIGAYANG PASKO!

from Visayas and Mindanao, Philippines: MAAYONG PASKO!

from the USA and around the globe: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

May we all have an amazing one this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 


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