A couple of photos of me with a date

As soon as I got home from work today, my hubby asked me if we could push through our dinner date that we’d been planning for weeks already. We kept on postponing it due to our busy schedule at work and commitments with friends. But today, we finally carried out our plan to eat dinner in a Korean Restaurant that Rowel had been bragging about. We both love Korean foods, especially KIMCHI and BIBIMBAP! 



 JIN GO GAI, this is the name of the eating place and it is located in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. 


 When we entered the restaurant, we felt like we were somewhere in Korea or China. They have Korean newspapers on one table and Chinese and Japanese ornaments on the other side. So ASIAN! And the colorful aquarium really captured my son’s attention! 🙂

We thought we were the only costumers, but after Salah or prayer time, there were a number of Koreans who came. We, the Filipino diners, suddenly became the minority! 😀


They serve ASIAN dishes, but mostly Korean and Chinese.


K 4: Beef Bulgoki with Rice

Their serving is good for two people. It has that oriental taste. It’s good, but we could have ordered a much better tasting dish.


The first time we tasted bibimbap in Japan, Rowel and I got hooked right away. Since then, we’ve searched for restaurants that serve this famous Korean food. Finally, we found one here in Saudi Arabia! It’s not as good as the one we had in Osaka, but I must say, it’s still addicting! 😀 We will forever love BIBIMBAP!!!!! 

Complimentary and side dishes

 I loved the soup, but Rowel did not.

Unlimited KIMCHI! 😀 Yay!!! By the way, we bought a kilo of their Radish Kimchi.  *wink*


Fried dumplings, the only Chinese food that we ordered. YUMMY!!!!

My rating for this restaurant? Considering the ambiance, service, price and food, it’s satisfactory! 

I LOVE YOU and thank you my Mahal for the wonderful night! I surely had fun, I hope Sage did too! 🙂 

3 responses to “DAY 59: A PHOTO OF YOU WITH A DATE

  1. Wowweeeee..oi kaon ta diha chang dili man diay kaayu mahal naa kaya makaon si franz,she ug ej dyan….parang na curious ko…pag kayo mag sabi sarap naman talaga…waaaaahhhhh i want to go there…maayu gyud mo dah kamuy tGa pangita ug tilaw unya kamuy taga sulti namu….maka walang gana dito sa saudi lumabas hay sa wala man lang masrap makainan na tama lang ang prize..i want to try that one like naku spicy….except dharan ha…

    Thanks for sharing sweet lover in Kores witj little koreano…i enjoy the photos…promise!!!

  2. Ate Len, kami lang ang Filipino puro mga korean… hahahahahahahaha hhhmmmm…. I’m not sure if like nimo ang oriental na taste??? pero we can try! you like??? hahahahaha next time pag free mo ug free si rowel kay dili ko katuod! hahahahaha

    Pero Ate Len, naa man chinese menu, so I think naa magustohan sila Franz, She-she and EJ! 😀

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