Day 54: A Picture of Somewhere You Went Today

It’s Erica’s 2nd birthday party today! And so, Rowel, Sage and I went to her place at ARAMCO to celebrate her special day. We really enjoyed the simple and intimate celebration that her wonderful parents prepared for her. Since we came late, we weren’t able to take a picture of the birthday girl because she’s already sound asleep! 😦   

The Cake

Ate Criselda Ramos made this delicious cake. Her hands are truly a gift from Heavenly Father. She’s good at baking sweets and even cooking scrumptious Filipino dishes. Rowel and I love whatever food she prepares and we are truly proud to have her as one of our friends here in the KSA. Let’s talk about the cake… Not that the one who made it is my friend, but this BLACK FOREST CAKE was the best one that I’ve ever tasted, thus far, in my life!!!! I so loved the minty flavor of the chocolate and its not-so-sweet butter icing. Yum-yum!

I wish Sage could already enjoy all the good stuff inside the loot bag and appreciate the beauty of the balloons that were used as birthday decor. Since he’s too young, dad and mom will just enjoy those sweet things for him! COOL!!!! 😀 

The Food

You knew this was coming right??? 🙂  Actually, I wasn’t able to take a picture of everything that was served on the table because I was really, REALLY, hungry already when we came. Stuffing my empty stomach with delicious food was the first thing I did as soon as we arrived at the venue! By the way, we brought home some food per the directive of the birthday celebrator’s mother! hahahaha Thanks again ate Marizel!!!!! 

The Guests

What made the celebration more delightful, at least for me, was the presence of those individuals who love the birthday girl. And most of the people who came were my chums. How cool was that? 😀

It’s really more fun in the KSA when we’re with good pals talking and eating together like a big family! Thanks Ate Marizel for making it possible! 😀

And here’s a photo of me inside the house where I went to today

That’s all for tonight folks….



WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!



4 responses to “Day 54: A Picture of Somewhere You Went Today

  1. Ah mala mArizel man diay ka ka pas pas naka himu ug blog…thanks sa pag post sa atumg hulagway….ug and food yummmmmy……

    • hahahaha… walay choice te… I needed to post an entry for today! kulang ang pictures… mao ra jud akong nakuha sa akong camera!!!! 😦 Anyhow, lingaw gihapon! hehehehe

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