Don’t you think I deserve a pat on the back for making it half way through this 100-day photo challenge? I believe I do! In addition to that congratulatory gesture, this milestone is also worthy of celebration. What a smart justification for dining out in a nice restaurant tonight! 🙂

By the way, my co-blogger/bff/sister-like friend, France, and I started this silly 100-day singing and photo challenge on the same day and needless to say, we’re also together on this well-deserved celebration.

It wasn’t hard for us to decide where to treat ourselves and silence our growling stomach (just an exaggeration)  because of this…

Yes, this crunchy nachos dipped in medium spicy salsa was the main reason why we chose to celebrate at Chili’s – Dhahran Mall, Al Khobar,  Saudi Arabia.


If we could only order this alone without inviting shame to come upon us, we would really do so! 😛 In fact, we could have avoided wasting about 5 to 10 minutes of our time just because we couldn’t decide what else to order. Anyhow, after thorough study of the menu, we finally agreed to give their new dishes a shot….

Chipotle Pesto Pasta

As you know, I love spicy food.  This penne pasta that’s topped with grilled shrimp, a spicy chipotle pesto sauce and sprinkled with pico de gallo was really irresistibly good! Oh wait, good is an understatement. I must say, it was extremely delightful to our taste bud! Perfecto! 

Crispy Chicken Crisper

 We also tried this chicken that’s moist and tender on the inside but crispy on the outside. With the honey-mustard dip, each bite was heavenly! Oh, I could not  resist the corn on the cob too. It was super yummy to be missed! Honestly, I am not really fond of corns, but Chili’s really made me ate one!

We went out of the restaurant with a full stomach (like that of a preggy woman) and smile on our face (like that of a clown). Indeed, Chili’s is one of the best restaurants in the Kingdom that really never fails to impress my palate! I must say that not only their food was excellent, but also their service. Kudos to the waiters! They’re really awesome. By the way, happy 35th anniversary Chili’s! 😀  

And here’s our bill….  

Oh, before I forget, you wanted a photo of me celebrating for getting this far, right??? Okay, here it is…. 



  1. I guess you always go out for want to discover and taste any food which you do not know yet diba?Di na ako magtataka because even before you really wants to eat and good for you kasi di ka tumataba.ako na nag diet heheh ito parin di pumapayat.well yan ang target ko before our reunion come..heheh c yahh

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