Today, Nancy Clemence reminded us of the significance of journal keeping; it’s a commandment, it’ll broaden our memories, and it’ll benefit our posterity. I have been beset by guilt virtually upon realizing that it’s been years now that I have stopped  writing in my journal. :( Truly, our activity today motivated me to start religiously recording in my journal again after a 4-year hiatus. 

On the other hand, Ali Wade introduced to us an artistic and fun way to keep a record of all the worth-remembering events in our lives. She’s an amazing mother of three and I couldn’t imagine how she could find time making incredibly beautiful scrapbooks. If she could do it, we all probably also could! Positive vibes!🙂 I love all the wonderful ideas that she shared to us especially on how to turn a plain composition notebook to a fabulous journal. As most of you know, I am not really an artsy-craftsy individual! But believe it or not, I was able to make my own arty gratitude journal through the help of Ali. 

 Here’s a photo of the GRATITUDE JOURNAL that I made today

So, what do you think of this master piece of mine? :D 

I’m going to write all the things that I am grateful for everyday, on this notebook, and starting today. I also encourage you to do the same! 


  1. Anonymous: You are welcome, whoever you are!🙂

    Cuz: Do it cuz! #alwaysgoodvibes #gratefulheart

    Michael: I put a lot of work to a supposedly effortless thing! hahahaha Just not my forte!

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