Day 44: The Last Restaurant You Ate At

My friends and I decided to celebrate mother’s day at SOUL KITCHEN on the evening of the 13th of May 2012 and needless to say, it was the last restaurant where I ate at. Whether you’ll like it or not, I will give my unsolicited review of the said eating-place. 😀

Taking into consideration the ambiance, price, table setting and food, I could say that it’s arguably a semi fine dining restaurant.


What I loved about the place was the dropped light chandelier that’s attached to the high ceiling. It looked chic!

Model: Maan

Also, I could not overlook the spacing of the tables and chairs, which was pretty good, as it allowed us to comfortably move and eat without bumping the elbow of the person next to us. The glass wall was really impossible to ignore too as it gave off that dramatic feel especially when we glimpsed the other buildings and vehicles from above – so beautiful. Lastly, the waiters were also commendable because they were well-groomed and helpful. Not to be biased, they’re Filipinos. Hurray!


 Never order their California Maki! Please don’t get me wrong for saying this, but I could probably make a better one at home. 😀

California Maki

I probably ordered the wrong food, but this pasta wasn’t that yummy either.  

Chicken Parmigano

Boo also to the person who told one of our friends not to use flash when taking pictures. His approach just wasn’t polite! 😛



I’ve said this to one of my buddies, “Paella is one of those dishes that I don’t need to try in order to say that I dislike it.” SHAME! I just ate Paella last night and surprisingly, it wasn’t bad at all. Some of my friends said that it’s not as good as the ones they’ve tasted somewhere else, but for me it was quite good.

Herbal Seafood

This dish was also okay! 🙂


Chicken Lollipop

 I loved how the juiciness of the chicken complemented the flavorsome breading and with the right kick of chili taste, the chicken lollipop was the winner! 😀



Just check out our bill and you judge if it’s pricey or not! 😀

The bill…

P5,000 or $125 😀


Anyhow, last night was my first official mother’s day celebration and how wonderful it was to be celebrated with good friends. 😀 I surely had an amazing time!

Thanks Lea and Ate Marizel for your generosity! 😀 Till next time….


3 responses to “Day 44: The Last Restaurant You Ate At

  1. Hehehe……475sr total bill niyo..hmmmmmm nilibre kayo ng mga richy richy hihihihi miss u alll…ngek parang d yta worth ang price sa taste…hihihi sa lagay nyan chicken lolipop na ang winner… fairness sige nlng mothers day btaw…hhihihi imissed postng your blogs!!! Bawi ako g uwi buti may wifii dito kina Aara..miss u chang waaaaaahhh kataa ni sage!!!

  2. Yup, 475! hahahaha mahal noh???? syempre, unsa pa? buotan kaayo ang mga richy richy friends nato kay gilibre me nila… At least diba, bongga ang restaurant na among gi-adtoan para medyo special pud! heheheh

    Yes te, super taba na kaayo si Sage… super bug-at na! WE miss you and your sweet family. See you real soon! mwah

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