My thoughts carried me back to the moment I was in the delivery room of Almana Hospital, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia more than four months ago; and found myself still in great awe for every thing that I went through. Truly, the whole experience did not only capture the essence of my womanhood but also fulfill the design of my existence. After that remarkable event, my appreciation became more heartfelt, respect and admiration grew stronger, and love only got deeper for all the mothers I know. I now fully understand why motherhood is divine.

Considering the unwanted nausea, severe lower back ache, abrupt weight gain and low self-esteem, carrying a baby for nine long months inside one’s body is not a trivial one. And when it’s time to pop, it even gets tough as there are a lot of things that need to be put into consideration including handling the excruciating pain. Frankly, I could not clearly expound how women are able to endure the discomfort of pregnancy and bear the pain of childbirth. The miracle of life is indeed unfathomable yet glorious!

While I was gazing at my son when he was asleep one evening, the seriousness of my responsibility as a parent suddenly came up to me. Heavenly Father has entrusted unto us this child to be brought up in the way that will allow him to grow spiritually, fulfill his purpose on this earth and eventually return to His presence one day. We are aware that we will be held accountable if we’ll fail to teach Sage the principles of the Gospel and guide him to “the straight and narrow path” that will lead him to God’s kingdom. I’ve realized that our duties are not only limited to loving, feeding and clothing him, but also nourishing his spiritual well-being. Indeed, a woman’s sacrifice does not end when the baby is born after 40 weeks of pregnancy. The moment she enters the world of motherhood, the sacred responsibilities that come from this noble calling are bestowed upon her head. Thus, motherhood requires not only physical but also emotional and spiritual preparedness.  

I’m still amazed how Sage has grown from a tiny 2.05kg baby to nearly 7 kg infant in just four months. I could still recall those days that I was so scared to carry him in my arms because I thought he was so fragile and precious. How could I forget the sleepless nights and untimely meals during the first three months of being an inexperienced mom to our sweet little angel? There were nights that I cried when he cried. Also, there were moments that I almost succumbed to fatigue and exhaustion. However, because of my love for my son and the help of my Heavenly Father, the urge to overcome weariness and incessantly perform my responsibilities as a mother won through. 

Sage has taught me to find happiness even in simple things in life. Looking at him while he is asleep, playing with him when he is awake and talking to him before he goes to sleep define bliss. Now that I am a mother, a five-minute shower is already a luxury and a shopping spree means buying big quantities of diapers, milk and clothing for our baby. I love being a mom, more so to a handsome and witty little one!  My only prayer is that I will remain healthy so that I can continuously fulfill my motherly duties.

Mother’s day is truly worthy of celebration. To all the awesome moms, especially to my mother, sister, sisters-in-law and friends, around the world – happy mother’s day! To all the moms-to-be and moms-wanna-be, the same greeting is extended to you!  Cheers!

 Sage with his aunt/2nd mom/generous fairy godmom hahahaha



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