Seeing my son being hurt is something that I really hate. However, I realized that there are things that may cause him pain, yet they are beneficial for his well-being. A good example of this is “immunization.” In order to promote immunity against particular diseases, he needs to be given vaccines.  Today, he got his shots…

See the needles being used? Aaahhhhggg…

It’s okay my poor baby! This is only “for a small moment and it will be for your own good.”

This was taken a few hours after he got his shots!

My brave boy, I am proud of you!


7 responses to “DAY 22: SOMETHING YOU HATE

  1. Super Brave talaga ng anak ko! Considering na 2 shots yung narecieve nya’ umiyak ng ilang seconds tapos parang alang nangyari. I love you sage thanks for being brave and not giving your mommy and me a hard time. We love you sooo much.

    • I couldn’t agree more mahal! Our little boy is such a handsome one… oooppppssss, I mean a brave one! hahahahaha

      We love you Sage!!!! Thanks for always making us proud! 😀

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