ย Call me ambitious or demented for having the effrontery to post such a shameful subject! ย Ohย please, kindly read the entire entry before you condemn me! ๐Ÿ˜€

Here it is….ย 

a PhoTo oF mY Celeb LoOk aLike

With all diligence, I searched for a “celebrity look alike” application online because I wanted the result to be computer generated and so to keep me from being called conceited. Apparently, I had no luck. The situation left me with no choice but to use my personal experiences to accomplish my challenge for today.ย ย This is embarrassing but hey, I am up for the fun of it! hahahahaย 

During my teenage years, most of my acquaintances and friends kept on telling me that I looked like Heart Evangelista. IMPOSSIBLE! There’s even no resemblance between me and her…. Duh! ๐Ÿ˜›

What about Sandara Park??? Her name became my “nickname” after graduating high school. They said we had a similarity! I said, “What???? You guys are not visually impaired right???”

And for the last couple of years, there were several individuals who called me Kim Chui! Oh, I must not lie! Up to this day, there are still a few who think we do look alike. Are they sure? Perhaps they’re referring to “kimchi” and not Kim Chui! hahahaย 

It’s hilarious to be compared to those beautiful ladies, too far from reality!

Agree or disagree? Any violent reactions?ย