I’m really seriously taking this 100-day photo challenge… :D  Today, I will break the rule of posting with just one photo!


Labor and Delivery

 I could still vividly remember the day I felt the most PAINFUL experience, thus far, in my twenty eight years of existence! ‘Twas on the night of December 17, 2011, Saturday, when I fervently prayed to my Heavenly Father to give me enough strength and courage to endure the pain brought about by labor and delivery. It was an experience that filled my life with great AWE. Honestly, I couldn’t explain how I was able to survive, but I knew God was with me all through out. Oh, the throes and wonder of childbirth!😀

 Fresh From Heaven

It wasn’t only the pain that made the day worth remembering; but also the inexplicable joy I felt when I heard my baby’s cry and held him for the first time. When the nurse placed Sage in my bosom, I was really overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to do… I wanted to cry… to shout… whew! We waited four long years to have a child; hence, seeing Sage and holding him made the experience worth it!

  The World of Motherhood

To sum it up, I remember so well the day I entered the world of MOTHERHOOD!😀

Acknowledgement: A million thanks to Roi Pallones for editing my photos. I lllooovvveee you!!! hehehe


  1. makatawa lagi ko sa first photo…pwede iblur ang ubang part? hahaha…cute…what did you use for the water marks? charot…love it!!!

    • Done. I added you na!

      hahaha wala namang nakita sa first photo noh! I honestly don’t know kase it’s my friend, roi, who edited and put the water mark…🙂

  2. Wow…galing naman ng photos mo chang, kinsay ang kuha sa imuha ug pic grabe maayu kay nagsugot ang kga dr. Kinsa nag pic ans…your photos are all amazing,,,,

    Very nice kaayu ning imung 100 days photo challenge:)

    Note: kana sa baba sa imung comment ba imbis na like akong click waaahhh dislike naman hinuon unsaon man pag erase anang dislike..sori chang:(

    • Thanks Ate Len Obcena! Si ROwel ata ang nagkuha ana na picture te… yup, nagsugot ang doctor…

      No problem Ate Len! It’s not a big deal… hehehehe

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