1. Ahahhhahaahhahahha……..now i know who is Charisse…ahahahaah the cris Tv thing as in you never missed it!!!! WOW!! avid fan ka pala ni Cresteta…at ang Rico Yan isssue ahahahaha mas affected kapa Kay Claudine!!:-)

    Ikaw OFFICER ahahhahah siguro may poise ka pa rin pag nag march ka while holding the rifle…yes ive seen u the way u dance!!!:-) ahahah i was envy of u u can eat 4 cups of Rice…but di ka naman tumataba:( kain tayo ng danggit…with friedrice kelan kaya??

    I enjoy reading your blog despite of the fact na u have Sage. Nakaka blog ka pa rin..at hmmmmmm dami pumapasok sa isip mo ha….ikaw na ikaw na gyud na CHANG….!!! Bow ako sayo with salute pah…heheheheeh keep blogging …when kaya ang bisaya version hehehehehh:-)

  2. One thing wahahahahahh para ka palang si she she..timid and shy….meaning si she murag ikaw inig ka daku..hihijiji 🙂

  3. ate len obcena: si sheshe kay maging mas tabian pa sya kaysa sa newscaster hahaha

    yes, affected ako super noong na-dead si rico… i was so crazy! hahahahahaha

    wwwaaaahhhhh…. more rice more happiness… when ang danggit day????

  4. This is so fun! You’re so pretty chang and very one of a kind. 🙂 That’s why God showers you his blessings everyday. Let me give emphasis the 3rd fact about you, gosh! we’re almost the same,I also cried for quite longer. I’ll be following you on this.. this is so great, really! See you on the second day.. 😉

    • thank you for the kind words and motivation Ching… 😀 What???? You’re also a Rico Yan fanatic??? hahahaha At least, I am not the only crazy gal on earth who would weep for a person who didn’t even know me! 😀

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