My siblings and I  find joy even in simple things because growing up, we barely had anything….  Our dad taught us that buying high-end phones, cool gadgets, signature clothings and other desirable material things isn’t bad but it shouldn’t be our priority. Furthermore, meeting life’s basic needs should be our main concern. During our childhood years, we didn’t have PSP, IPAD, XBOX, IPHONE and anything like unto it.  We lived simply yet happy!

Would you believe that I owned and played marbles and Teks cards as a kid? We also spent our leisure time by playing hopscotch (piko), Chinese garter, hand clapping games, hide and seek (taguan) and other traditional Filipino games. Oh yes, it wasn’t a problem if we would go home with sweaty clothes, dirty hands and feet and smelly head. Life then was uncomplicated but enjoyable!        

When I went home last year, I could hardly see  kids playing our favorite Filipino street games. In my observation, the new generation children get more excited if the recreational activity includes playing the latest PSP, Nintendo DS or other computer games. I won’t exclude our little rascal…. 

Nonetheless, even with the popularity of cyber games, Rowel and I will still encourage Sage to learn how to play the traditional Filipino street games because they are not only fun but also beneficial for the health and mind. Those type of games require physical ability and sometimes mental strength. We will really inculcate in Sage’s mind the importance of good traditions, like playing Filipino street games, even if it’s no longer popular in his generation. 😀



  1. Hehehe tama ka Chang,haist kids nowadays including my kids,esp if we live here in Saudi Arabia,wala kng choice kundi payagan silang maglaro ng mga new generation games like ng mga na mention mo…nkkamiss ang ma traditional games ng mga pinoy like tagu taguan,piko,chinese garter,patentero,luksong tinik,at tumba lata..waaaaahhh i really missed those games:(……..

  2. you’re right Chang, during my childhood we used to play all those games and it’s more fun and enjoyable…but then time changed. my kids are not exempted and i can see the difference.
    i encourage u to let your prince sage experience the games but the thing is may makakalaro pa ba siya if and when kids of today are entangled with these games called computers…hay ….
    i for one as a caring mother don’t let my kids play outside thinking of any accident that they may incur so i let my kids watched cartoons and bought them family computer at that time nintendo and the likes, hindi maganda Chang at ngayon they barely don’t want to go out and mingle with others they can play by themselves alone with their psps , name cubes, computers naku and electric bills nakakakonsimi :((

  3. @Ate Len: Si EJ talaga ang pasimuno sa mga new generation babies or IPAD babies! hahahahaha Mas fun talaga ang childhood natin noh????

    @Ate NEss: Oo nga po eh… sino po magiging kalaro kaya ni Sage? baka kmi kami nalang din po ni Rowel… hehehehe joke lang po… I hope other Filipino parents will also introduce traditional Filipino games to their kids… I’m hoping that this wonderful tradition won’t vanish! 😀

    @Mirex Sebastian: Ikaw daw ang PEG ni Sage… hhehehe thank you tito gwapo!

  4. Mas masarap paring maglaro ng patentero, tumbang preso, siato, hide and seek, sipa, dampa at iba pang larong pinoy! I miss those days… sana ang mga bata ngayon makapaglaro din ng larong pinoy.

  5. Howdy: thank you for taking some time of writing up this info. I consistently aim to more my understanding of facts. Regardless of whether I concur or disagree, I like material. I bear in mind the olden times if the only supply of facts was the library or even the newspaper. They both feel so archaic. : )

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