Model: Anna France Roxas


We became boisterous when Kuya Roi told us that he wanted to eat Esh El-Bulbul. I was trying to control my laughter while I was asking him, “ESH EL-BULBUL???? What on earth is that?” He told us that it’s the only Arabian pastry that he could munch on! To quench our thirst for knowledge on what it was, he called the near-by restaurant and ordered a couple of pans for us. 

What??? It’s edible???? —   I know right!?! 😀

I won’t deny that its name not only sounds funny but also unappetizing! However, its taste’s really unbelievably delicious. I even called my BFF, Ate France, to also give it a try! 😀 The soft and perfectly baked dough really complemented the slightly burned labnah cheese and honey on top! Can you imagine the contrasting taste of saltiness and sweetness??? Hhhhmmmm….. I could certainly eat Esh El-Bulbul everyday! 😀 

Thank you Roi Pallones for introducing to us this delightful-to-the-palate snack! 😀  



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