I must give credit to my fabulous sister-like friend, Anna Francia Roxas, for her perseverance in pushing me to start a weblog of my own a year ago. If it’s not because of her incredible bugging ability, CHAZSM would never ever exist in the net space!

FUN. Yes, I entered the blogging world just for the fun of it. But I’ve never really thought that blogging could go as far as inspiring, edifying and entertaining others and not just a mere writing an online journal thing to amuse oneself. To all my followers, subscribers, families and friends, thank you for your consistency in persuading me to write as often as I can. Know that I am mindful of your suggestions, comments and requests; however, I just don’t have time to execute them at the moment! hahaha Thanks for your private emails folks; I do read them! 🙂

Blogging has become my weapon in combating stress and boredom and I hope that by reading my posts, they have somehow motivated you to defeat your own life’s petty issues. I may not be a superb writer, but I will strive to at least blog with CONTENT!




Thank you to my hot mama friend, Michelle Imayaho- Cabatuan, for allowing me to use the photo of her adorable son, Jed! 🙂



  1. Thanks for your inspiring blogs especially the ones about love and heartaches.

    By the way, the baby on the picture is so adorable!

    Congratulations Chazsm…. continue to inspire people!

  2. Keep going ate Chang! I love reading people’s blogs and writing posts on my blogs is sort of therapeutic sometimes. I know there’s a website that can publish your blogpost into a book/journal of your own and you just have to give them your URL. I can’t remember what site it is but I’ll let you know when I find it.

  3. Which is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions may possibly be this varied. Thank you for all of the enthusiasm to give such valuable data here.

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