Reading the amusing and captiving blogs of some famous personalities in the Philippines  occupies most of my free time. Engrossed? Hmmmmm… Slight! 😀 I need to blame my best travel buddy, Roi Pallones, why I got a bit addicted into this kind of stuff. He so knew the kind of blogs that I would really feast my eyes on… In fact, I couldn’t reject his “no sweat” inducement to read also some of his favorite online journals.  Yes, he is the CULPRIT and he must be put to jail! 😛  

Kidding aside…. The following weblogs are really worth reading and highly recommended especially if you are into food, travel, fashion and Philippine show business: Inspiring! This adjective best describes the author of this blog. He used to be overweight; but through “pure dedication, tireless hours of hard work” and nutritious food, he found his way back to that path of healthy lifestyle. What I like about the author is that he’s so generous in giving information on what kind of dish to eat and how to prepare it in order to be in shape always. It is unnecessary to emphasize this, but it is Erwan Heussaff’s site. – If you are interested about travel, Filipino artists and the latest fashion, this is the excellent blog to visit. Rajo Laurel (I don’t need to elaborate who this person is) owns this weblog. – The best food blog site! See for yourself why? – Are you a Philippine showbiz fanatic? Do you feel an inexplicable excitement when you hear the words “BLIND ITEM?” Have no second thought! This is a must visit site! 🙂 


Let me know what you think about those weblogs that I visit the most!





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