The Little Man Who Taught Me Life Lessons

The moment I first laid my eyes on this angelic creature, I instantly felt love and that feeling never stops growing as days pass by. How could I not love this little man who has taught me life lessons that I knew I would never learn otherwise. 

  • Sage has taught me the true sense of the words “sacrifice” and “patience.” I’ve never been so selfless and patient in my life till he’s born and became a part of our every day journey. 
  • He made us realize that there is truly a “heaven” on earth. The happiness that this angel brings into our lives is just so heavenly! 

  • A reminder he is to us that “family is eternal” and we should live in such a way that will qualify us to be together forever. His presence really tightened the bond of our family and reinforced the affection that Rowel and I have for each other. 

  • He has left stretch marks in my tummy as a reminder that he was once inside my womb and that Heavenly Father made me  an instrument in bringing His spirit child on earth and became a pro-creator of Him! 
  • As a woman, I have an inner strength and capabilities that I never knew I had. They naturally exuded as soon as Sage came. Women, know that you have the power to bear that seemed to be unbearable things! Believe in yourself! Yes, that same little man has added an ounce of faith to my empty confidence box!  
It is arduous, if not completely impossible, to enumerate all the things that motherhood has taught me. Nonetheless, it is sufficient to say that my life’s disposition has changed 360-degree! I’m more determined to value the things that matter most in life and become my best self. Who could better teach me that than this handsome little man who happens to be my SON! 😀


8 responses to “The Little Man Who Taught Me Life Lessons

  1. I’m so blessed for having a wife so wonderful and beautiful from the inside and out. You have given me a child so precious a child that taught me so many thing and will teach more things. To Charisse and Sage both of you are a blessing to me. All my love to both of you.

  2. Wow superb so touching Chang,u are so blessed and Rowel to have the
    Ittle man King Sage the handsome of yours…Happy to see ur family soooo veryyyy happy to have this little one..

    Sage is so blessed to have u and Rowel as his earthly parents!!!

    • To one of my dearest mentors, thank you! Ate Len, you’ve really been a great help to me…thanks for all your tips..

      Rowel, Sage and I are also blessed to have known you! love yah

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