Birthdays just come and go! Some people don’t even bother to remember it as it signifies “aging” you know! 😛 

But when it comes to Rowel’s birthday, I don’t want to let it pass just like an ordinary day!  November 9 is indeed  a special day, worthy of joyful celebration, I must say! (winks)

If he wasn’t born on this day, I would not get the chance of meeting one of the most amazing men I know on earth! Every time i raise my voice to heaven, I couldn’t hold back my tears as i give thanks to my Maker for giving  me the kind of man whom i consider my anchor and strength.

Mahal ko, it is always my supplication and prayer that Heavenly Father will lengthen your life so that we will still enjoy your company and love. I’m so excited for baby Sage to experience also the kind of happiness that I’m enjoying now because of having you! I know that he will be so blessed to have you as his Daddy! We love you eternally! 

Happy birthday, Daddy Rowel!!!!! Stay amazing…. =)