Adieu Second Trimester!

I am now 27 weeks pregnant and this is how I look – P U F F Y!  😦

It is unbelievable how time flies and how much weight I’ve gained so far. The thought of entering the last trimester of pregnancy startles me because this is the time that apprehension about labor and delivery starts to creep in. However, I should not let my fear of pain overpower my excitement and joy of parenthood!  I know that I can do it! Aja aja!!!! 🙂 On the issue of weight gain; that luscious, creamy and irresistible frozen dessert called ICE CREAM must be blamed! End of argument! hehehe

 I’m quite unsure if I’m actually ready to bid farewell to the incredible second trimester… On second thought, I cannot afford to stay puffy for more than 40 weeks! So, Adieu Second Trimester!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 


7 responses to “Adieu Second Trimester!

  1. aja,aja caz!just enjoy every single kick,twist and turn of ur little angel.when he comes out in due time….u cant do anything rather than imagining his kicks inside u coz u cannot put him back again.charrrrrrrr!

  2. Go! go! go! Ate Chang!!! You can do it!!! 🙂 Naalala ko rin nung first pregnancy ko… it’s the “fear of the unknown” (labor and giving birth) that bothered me. Just remember our bodies are designed for that purpose so kayang-kaya yan! 😉 Oh yeah, ICE CREAM must be blamed!!! Well, I prefered frozen yogurt pero pareho na rin yun! hahaha! Goodluck sa last trimester mo.

    • It adds confidence pag meron nagsasabi sa akin, especially young mothers, na “kaya yan!” 🙂 You are so right! I must keep my faith na kaya ko to! We are designed for this purpose.. 🙂 Thanks LOIS!!!!!!!

      basta malamig nakakalaki daw eh… hehehehe good luck sa ice cream!!!! hehehehehe

  3. You look GREAT mommy! I was MUCH bigger than you at 27 weeks LOL. Most of the weight will come off in the first month after you deliver anyway, so don’t worry about it too much (I doubt you will :)) Just wanted to say that I love your blog and have read it for a long time but never commented before. I especially enjoyed your posts about your anniversary.

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