yOu aRe pRegnant????

What is so surprising about “me” being “pregnant”???? LOL

These past few months, I have been bombarded with questions about my pregnancy. Surprisingly, I don’t find it annoying though. In fact, it’s quite amusing (with a tinge of sarcasm)! 😛

One of my close friends suggested, “Why not blog something about your pregnancy?” She continued, “It’s been a while since you updated your blog… I miss reading it!”  Aaahhhmmm…. Honestly, I didn’t really intend to abandon my beloved site! However, the “so-called pregnancy discomfort” vanquished my innermost desire to express myself through writing/blogging. I loved spending my free time eating, sleeping, cooking and bonding with friends and hubby rather than frying my brain! 😀 Oh well! Now that I’m getting used to this pregnancy thing, I think I “might” be able to update my blog site frequently! 

Now what???? Good segue? Hhhmmm….  Oh noh! I’m  having a hard time now how to present my discourses smoothly. Okay, let’s try this!


FAQ #1: “Are you pregnant?” (Yup, I still get this ridiculous question to date!)

Answer: Oh yes! I am so pregnant!

FAQ #2: How far along are you in your pregnancy?

Answer: I’ve got 2 more weeks till I will say “ALOHA/MABUHAY/HELLO 3rd Trimester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” If it isn’t clear enough, I’m in my 26th week! YAY!!!!!  

Comments Often Received: I thought you’re just 5-month pregnant! Your tummy is pretty small!

Charisse’s reaction: Alarmed. Indulged myself. Read books and articles about pregnancy to know how many pounds I should gain!

Friends’ reactions:

  • “Don’t think too much about gaining weight. Just eat the right food and you will be alright!”
  • “You are fine! Pregnancy is not the same for every woman!”
  • “Eat sweets!” – the best one! =)
  • “You are worrying too much, Chang! It might affect the baby…”

FAQ #3: Do you know the gender yet? It’s a girl, right???

Answer: Yes, we learned about the gender of our baby when I was 17 weeks pregnant. It was an amazing experience… And oh, it’s a boy!!!! 

Comment/reaction received: HUH????

FAQ #4: Did you want a baby boy or a baby girl?

Answer: Before I got pregnant, Rowel and I wanted our first born to be a baby girl. But when we learned about the pregnancy, the “preferred gender” was no longer the focal point of our prayers. All we’re constantly asking Heavenly Father, regardless if it’s a boy or a girl, is to bless us with a healthy, normal and cute child!

FAQ #5: Do you have any cravings?

 Answer: Cravings???? What on earth is that??? 😀 Kidding aside…. Most of the people, who are close to me, know that diet is not in my vocabulary and food is like my best friend! 🙂 Even when I wasn’t pregnant yet, I would always have cravings! Now that I am,  my appetite increased! hahahaha  But I try to avoid those  foods that aren’t good for me and the baby! (wwweeehhhh????????)

I want some Nachos with salsa, fish in vinegar sauce, ice cream, pinakbet………. hhhhhhhmmmmmmm….. Oh noh! I’m drooling!

FAQ #6:  Have you felt your baby kick?/ Is your baby kicking already?

Answer: Looking at my tummy as it moves every  time my baby kicks becomes our newest entertainment or shall I say “bonding time!” I love to see Rowel’s smile especially when he feels that the baby is responding to him…

It really makes me happy when I feel that the baby is kicking or nudging inside me!  In fact, as I am writing this entry, he is moving/kicking a lot! 🙂

FAQ #7: Do you already have your baby boy’s name picked out?

Answer: Yes, but we will not disclose it at this time!  😀 By the way, his nickname is SAGE… 

FAQ #8: Are you enjoying your pregnancy? (This is my OBGYNE’s FAQ!)

Answer: A resounding yes! 🙂 No more morning sickness, fatigue and other early pregnancy discomfort…. Minus the constipation and anxiety about labor and delivery, I am loving this pregnancy thing! 🙂 

I don’t think I can go on with the list of FAQ. It’s too much! 😀

It is worthy to note that Rowel and I are really grateful to our loving Heavenly Father for keeping me and baby Sage healthy. He listens and answers our pleadings! So far, everything is perfectly fine…. Thank you for your prayers family and friends! 🙂


2 responses to “yOu aRe pRegnant????

  1. wahooooo alast!!!! nakabasa ulit ako! kay tagal kong hinintay ito! well, im one of the friends who’s really excited to see SA-GEH! hehehehe sorry chang and rowel i love saying his name like that. anyway hindi naman masyado halata that im excited naka ready na ang first gift ng baby ko…este baby nyo! hahahaha first nga ba akong magregalo! oh well i always pray that you will have a safe delivery and a healthy baby! lavyah sis …hoping weekend ka manganak para andun ako to wait for SA-GEH! mwah!

    • Ate France: Yes, you are so not excited sa pagdating ni baby SAGE! Thank you sa cute gift mo for him! He will love you like his second mama! hahahahah

      Thank you for including me and the baby sa prayers mo! Yeah, dalhan mo ako ng food pag nanganak ako! hahahahahaha

      We love you too! thanks for your generosity, concern and love! mag-blog ka narin! about baking naman! 😀

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