A Night of Glamour and Fun: Kimi’s 7th Birthday!

Kathleen Yasay’s unique debut-themed party last night, 5th of May 2011, really impressed me. I absolutely loved the idea of nontraditional children’s party that her amazing and generous parents threw for her 7th birthday. Fantastic it was!

The venue was elegantly adorned with pink decors and it was filled with the most glamorous people in town (ehem!) I know the DAMMAM-ROCKSTARS would agree with me! 😀 It was truly the most lavish party we’ve been to in Saudi Arabia- thus far. Kimi’s parents as well as the people behind last night’s occasion really nailed it!!!!!


The fabulous birthday girl with her awesome parents

Kimi with her 7 roses

 7 balloons and 7 roses

7 candles

7 treasures


The Rockstars graced the party with their presence!!! (charing)


The Drop Dead Gorgeous Guys of the Rockstars!

Khris: He’s an eligible bachelor

Bon: Another eligible bachelor of the rockstars. Get to know him by visiting http://www.bonistation.com or http://www.taragis.com

Kuya Duard: He is already happily married for 10 long years! He’s the big brother/father of the group! 


The Lovely Couples of the Rockstars

France and Denz

Vang and Bong

Rowel and Chang

(Tito Bernard and Tita Gelaine, I don’t have a picture of you guys during the party. 😦  )



Explaining my gift for Kimi…

Rowel and I with the birthday girl!

Is there a chance that you will fall in love with a fairy??? wwwooohhhoooo!!!!! hahahahaha

Kuya Duard and Baby Shaira (the sweetest sister of Kim)

The Fairy and Chang 🙂


We had so much fun! Thank you Tito B and Tita G.!



5 responses to “A Night of Glamour and Fun: Kimi’s 7th Birthday!

  1. wuhooooo …. successful party indeed! enjoyed every moment of it! rockstars rocks! at syempre kasama ang mga rockstars princess shaira and princess kim ….

  2. Yup, the party was indeed a success!!!!

    By the way, there’s one picture that I’ve been looking for.. Sinong may kopya nung picture na sumasayaw ang rockstars guys????? yong parang natatae si kuya duard???? hahahahahahaha tapos si kuya Bonski pacute parin kahit sumasayaw… hehehehehehe pahingi ng copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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