Anniversary Special: 4 Years & Counting…

As Rowel and I were quietly sitting across from each other in one of the rooms inside the temple – having the mirror of infinity as our background and while sweetly looking at each other – I felt that firm assurance that he’s indeed the man I wanted to be with through time and all eternity. Truly, entering into the covenant of marriage with my best friend was one of the best decisions I made that has brought a tremendous change and amazing blessings in my life. There’s no word that could perfectly describe how I felt when President Earl Monson pronounced that we would be together not only in this life but even till the time without end.  How wonderful it is to know that if we’ll honor the covenants which we made inside the Lord’s house, the blessing of forever will be ours – including our posterity!

Today, 27 April 2011,  marks the 4th year of our marriage and we both feel that we’re more in love now than the first day of our union! Looking back, it wasn’t really a smooth sailing journey, but those bumps along the way only made our relationship even stronger and our love even deeper. We’ve grown from immature and selfish individuals to mature and selfless beings.

During our late-night chats, we’ve never failed to ask each other this question, “If not me, who’d you marry?”  I couldn’t really imagine myself being with someone other than Rowel. Hence, I would always answer, “I might still be single to date if I had not known you!” It’s true!!!!

If not Rowel, who on earth will:

  •  love me more than I’ve ever loved myself?
  • treat my family as if his own?
  • accept me completely including my weaknesses?
  • teach me the importance of humility, patience and service?
  • put up with my tantrums?
  • give compliment not only to me but also to my friends?
  • uplift me spiritually and emotionally when I’m down?
  • laugh at my corny jokes?
  • discuss ideas and viewpoints with me?
  • feed my brain with facts and interesting information about anything in the world?
  • cook for me if I’m not in the mood to do so?
  • do my laundry?
  • treat me like a queen from day one?
  • sing for me before I go to sleep?
  • watch me while I am asleep?
  • massage my body and feet when I’m tired and stressed?
  • remind me to be kind when I tend to be mean?
  • appreciate me every time I do something praiseworthy, especially my cooking?
  • tell me “I love you!” even if I’m super mad and rude?
  • hug, kiss and tell me that “You are so beautiful, Mahal!” as soon as I open my eyes early in the morning?
  • sniff up my armpit, neck and hair (addiction?) every time we are together?
  • take care of me as if I’m a baby and treat me like I’m the only woman on earth?
  • pray and read the scriptures with me?
  • turn on the TV so that I could watch my favorite teleseryes and shows before he watches his preferred programs?
  • consider me not only as an equal partner, but as a best friend?
  •  send me sweet nothings and melt my heart like an ice cream?
  • comfort me when I’m sad?
  • encourage me to enjoy life not only with him, but with my friends and loved ones?
  • trust me in everything, whether we are physically together or not?
  • whisper to me the three sweet words “I LOVE YOU” especially when we are in public places?
  • let me feel that every day is a special day (like valentine’s day, anniversary, etc)?

 ….and the list goes on and on…

To the one, Rowel Elvin Bien, who makes my life complete, I know that “thank you” is an understatement. I want you to know that I am really grateful that Heavenly Father answered my prayer through you!!!! I love you eternally!!!! Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years and still counting…. 😀




11 responses to “Anniversary Special: 4 Years & Counting…

  1. wow!ang sweet nmn;-)love it chang..haist avid fan mo na talga ako..♥♥♥swerte kayo sa isat isat..”I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I AM GRATEFUL THAT HEAVENLY FATHER ANSWERED MY PRAYER THROUGH YOU”i ♥ this line.wish you more years to come..happy anniversary sa inyong dalawa chang!

  2. NIZY: Thank you for your well wishes for Rowel and I! It’s my wish that you will also find that someone who will make you specially every day of your life! Married life is truly wonderful… as in jud!

    ATE GEN: Naku, malapit na din Anniversary nyo!!! 🙂

    THank you again sa pag-read and pag leave ng comments guys! mwah

    • ATE DOLOUR!!!!!!!!!! THank you!!! I will see you soon!!!!! THanks for being a good example to me talaga…. Basta what i remember about you and kuya thelmo ay yong every time na magvisit kami sa house nyo sa HAwaii, parang feeling namin nasa loob kami ng temple!!!! 🙂 Thanks ate!

  3. Happy Anniversary mahal! About sa pag sniff ko ng armpit mo? Hhhmmmnnnnn gagawa kasi ako ng deodorant na bagay sayo whahahha joke! M.T.B. talaga tayo mahal, pero syempre our choices made a big difference. I want you, the world and this blog site’s followers to know that I love you with all my heart! Let us have more years of armpit sniffing hehehehe. And one more thing, I thank you kasi kunti pa lang nilalabhan ko, pero time will come na dadami din ang labahin ko sana soon na yun hehehe Love you mwah!

    • hahaha… ang kulit naman ng comment mo!!!! Yup, sana madagdagan na labahin mo! 😀 Thanks for the service and unconditional love… I love you too! mwah

  4. its nice to hear from u guys ung sniffing ng underarm,whhheeew!for me its really sweet.sarap talagang mgmahal at mahalin lalo na pg unconditional.hhmmmnn..
    As these words linger…..if the figernails are grown,we cut the nails not the fingers. similarly,,,,if we have misunderstandings,,,we should cut it alone not the relations….happy 4th loving years and all through eternity…..hehehhehe!i can smell some life in the womb na….wag bulate ha?tsups…

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