Love love love

While I was searching for a good movie last night, I stumbled on Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s ‘Catch Me, I’m In Love’ via I laughed boisterously, giggled uncontrollably and cried intensely. Comedy, romance, drama – all rolled into one film! And yes, I got carried away… =D Good thing I watched it alone; otherwise, I would be teased to death by my very kind husband! (Okay, I’m giving you the right to call me INSANE.) Blame the two brilliant lead stars, darling! 😛 There wasn’t really extraordinary in the story, but the character actors’ undeniable chemistry made it interesting to watch! Sarah G. was particularly impressive – as always! (Yup, I’m biased! I’m a big fan of her. :P)

What did I learn from watching the said movie? Do not let other people’s opinion of you and your partner affect your relationship and your well-deserved happiness. In the movie, Sarah G. and Gerald A. almost lost their beautiful partnership – which blossomed out of love and respect – just because she listened to other people’s negative comments about her and her relationship with him. There were some who commented that they didn’t look good together as she wasn’t that pretty and he was so gorgeous. Her family was poor and low-profile while his kin was rich and famous. As a result, insecurities swallowed her up while confusion overwhelmed him. Fortunately, it didn’t take long before Sarah G. realized that her heart as well as her mind were more reliable than the judgmental eyes of others. How sad it would be if she didn’t! 😀 (affected ako!) hahaha

“Looking physically good together” cannot guarantee a blissful union! Even your social status in the society is not an assurance that you will have a successful marriage. How many famous artist couples – not only beautiful and handsome but also wealthy – that we know who have kept their solemn vows even for a life time? Like one over a thousand???

I know at one point, we are guilty of judging and doubting other people’s companionship just because they differ in height, age, beauty, color, social standing, etc. It is easy for us to say, “Why did she choose him, he’s ugly and short!” or “He is too good looking for her!” or “Couldn’t she find someone who is rich and handsome and leave her partner now who is poor and ugly?” We have the right to define love subjectively, but are we also in the position to judge other people’s happiness and criticize as if we know the perfect formula of a successful relationship?

Personally, I’m so grateful that I’ve learned to just shrug off the criticism and unkind words that I’ve heard about Rowel and I and what they have had to say about “us” being together. As long as we are happy and we are doing things according to the Lord’s way, we are contented!

Let God be your guide – not the expectations of humans – in choosing a mate. Use not only your heart but also your mind!  Do not let negative comments get into you! I dare you not to be afraid to be in love and be genuinely happy guys – as each of us deserves to be! =) Love love love


8 responses to “Love love love

  1. I am 100% agree of what you have said friend.We have no right to condemn others,most especially when it comes to love.Because there is no mistake when it comes to love.Thank you for always be there at my side…I love you so much and I’m so excited to see you soon…Always take care…mwaaaahhhh

  2. it would be more endearing chang kung c kim chui,c anne curtis,or angel locsin ang lading lady ni gerald.hehe..

    • Ay dili man bagay si Gerald ug Angel Locsin oi! I agree na ok din kung si Anne Curtis or Kim Chui… Pero Sarah is such a good actress… nadadala nya kahit sino kapartner! 😀 hahahaha She’s naturally funny tapos timing din kung maghilak sya… effortless… hahahaha Kimerald ka???

      Sana next time nga Gerald-Anne nman!

      • hehe..yah kimerald au..hihi..i luv anne and angel too..hopefully nga magkaka-movie c anne with gerald.hmm..above all i luv what u wrote here;-)a woman with so full of luv Effortless kung magsulat it really came from ♥.thats why ur readers like me inaabangan kung anong bagong isusulat mo.hihi..keep it up chang!umwah!!!

    • thanks Nizy!!!!

      Next in line yong Anniversary namin tomorrow! sana lang may time akong magsulat!!! 🙂 tinatamad ako lately… PMS… hehehe

      tenchu ulit! mwah!

  3. Hi chang! natapos din ang pinakahihintay natin… yes..yes..yes… do not let others destroy your relationship…Let GOD be the center of your marriage…

    • hahahahaha…. ate, in fairness, maraming nakarelate!!!!!! thanks ate! Ganun din sa inyo! Be happy always!!!! Wag tayo makinig sa negative comments…

      Yes, iba talaga pag si God ang center ng relationship!

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