Chicken Steak with Garlic Mushroom Sauce: My successful experiment

“I don’t know Mahal!” This is my husband’s consistent response every time I ask him what type of food I should prepare for the coming week. Being an incompetent cook and having a companion who knows how to prepare scrumptious Filipino dishes better than I can, deciding what menu to serve every day has always been my dilemma. For this reason; I always seek help from my mom or other married women I know – especially when my mind goes blank – to answer my own question, “What kind of food I should serve for the next seven days?”

There were times that I would create my own recipe just for me to be able to serve something unique and interesting dish for my husband. The last time I attempted to make a one-of-a-kind recipe for Rowel; he sweetly said, “I love you so much, Mahal! I am so blessed to have you!” It suddenly occurred to me that my cooking experiment might have been a success! 😀

Okay folks, here is my version of Chicken Steak with Garlic Mushroom Sauce that might also make your other half love you more! By the way, since this is just an experiment, I cannot give you an accurate measurement or quantity for the ingredients. But as I always say, just give it a try anyway! 😀

The Ingredients:



Chicken Breast (about 900 grams)




Button Mushroom (about 250 grams)

Garlic (generous amount)

Pepper (for seasoning)

Oyster Sauce


crushed red pepper (optional)

Preparation and Cooking Instructions:

Chicken Steak:

  1. Soak chicken in Lemon Juice for about 3 minutes and then rub with pepper.
  2. Heat the frying pan over low fire and then add about 1 teaspoon of butter.
  3. Add in the chicken breast and cook until both sides turn brown. Set aside.

almost done


Garlic Mushroom Sauce:

Chop parsley.

Peel and mince garlic.

Choose small button mushrooms so that you don’t have to slice them.

Heat the cooking pot over medium fire and add butter.

Saute garlic until it turns golden brown.

Then, add the chopped parsley and button mushrooms.

(Continue sauteing until the mushrooms are almost done. )

Season with oyster sauce, pepper and sugar. Sprinkle with red crushed pepper if desired. Turn off the heat once the mushrooms are cooked.

Finally, pour garlic mushroom sauce over chicken steak.

Serve it hot and “with a happy heart!” – as Francia would say. 🙂

Indeed, this Chicken steak with garlic mushroom sauce is the excellent outcome of my successful cooking experiment – actually, this is the only successful experiment I made thus far! 😀 Enjoy!


10 responses to “Chicken Steak with Garlic Mushroom Sauce: My successful experiment

  1. Ang sarap! Especially kapag mainit! Naparami na naman ang kain ko kahpon ng lunch time naubos ang Gutom kong madami. Thanks mahal for making me happy not only in my heart but also my stomach hehehe. I love you soooo much mwah!

  2. @Ate FRANCIA: I will just cook one of these days for you… Yon ay kung hindi ako busy! hahahaha

    @MAhal ko: Thanks for appreciating my effort sa pagluluto and all… I love you too! 😀 mwah

  3. wala ng mas suswerte pa sa asawa mo…He’s definitely lucky to have you chang!bukod sa maganda at mabait na may alam pa sa kusina.

  4. wow caz!its similar to what we are cooking here in hongkong.the only difference is that we have to grill the chicken with the minced garlic(seasoned together)and that it was served with a happy heart,hahahah!ill be following ur blogs starting today.miss yah!

  5. @JAMES: Dyosa sa kusina jud dhay???? pag sure? hehehe

    @Nizy: Naku naman Nizy! Masyadong halatang friends tayo! hahahaha Thanks though! So nice of you talaga… I’m more blessed to have Rowel in my life!

    @Cousin An: REALLY??????????????? This is kind of a chinese cuisine????? WOW!!!! Thanks cuz for following my blog! I miss you too… hope to see yah sometime soon!!! Hi to all my kin in Hongkong! hahahaha mwah

  6. @ papa ruel- masarap nga ba brod!?

    kasi nmnn daya walang umabot dito…

    keep it up chef cha!~

    more project and food tasting to come,,,

  7. chang, grabe, nglevel up kna tlga! from jetsetter to blogger at chef p! sobra n tlga ang galing m… pg uwi nyo d2 patikim k ng mga luto m uli ha. ayan, swerte n tlga c pwee sau, hahaha. love u chang. miss qna kau n mahal… c u soon!!!

  8. @KUYA DUARD: chef CHA ka dyan!!!! eh ikaw kaya ang magaling! Sorry, it was just an experiment.. I wasn’t expecting na it would turn out good… Tsamba!!!

    @Ate Doree: I miss you too and the hot mamaz!!!! Ate, naka-tsamba lang po! 😀 Mas magaling parin si Peewee! See you soon Ate Doray!!! mwah

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