My best buddy, France, and I giggled and oozed with excitement as soon as the sign of our favorite Japanese Restaurant – located at Rashid Mall, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – became visible even from afar. We did hurriedly shift from walking with grace and poised to taking a brisk pace, with an aim in mind, to reach the restaurant as fast as we could. When we were finally a stone’s throw away; France excitedly exclaimed, “the camera… the camera… hurry!” I paused and quickly looked through my hand bag to find our borrowed camera. When I found it, I was somewhat hesitant to even show it up, as photography is strictly prohibited in public places within the kingdom. To avoid possible trouble and humiliation, we just decided to simply enter the restaurant…

The facade alone was already inviting; yet the interior of this eating place was even more appealing! I loved the simple but elegant furnishings which perfectly matched the pink and green painted walls of Fushi’s entrance-hall. Also, the dim-light-effect significantly contributed to its warm and romantic feel. Hhhmmm…. I know what you are thinking! A dinner date right? (Winks)


This gigantic, exquisite and attention-grabbing chandelier – superbly positioned in the center of the intimate dining area – was definitely impossible to miss. Moreover, the Japanese embellishments inside the restaurant were equally noteworthy. The ambiance was excellent indeed!



How about the waiters? Oh yeah! They’re amiable and their service was commendable. Bryan and Bernard, thank you! (as if close…) 😀












I could still vividly recall that during our first dining experience at Fushi’s, we ordered a lot of food and pigged out on whatever that was served to us – as if it was our last supper. I was so full that I could even hardly walk and all I wanted to do was puke! Spell G-L-U-T-T-O-N-Y! We didn’t want to commit that sin again. Hence, when the list of menus was handed to us, France and I reminded ourselves not to be overwhelmed. Good thing we weren’t that hungry; so, we decided to only stuff ourselves with tempura, miso soup and sushi rolls. Don’t we deserve a pat on the back? 🙂


While the chef was preparing the food that we selected; Bryan, the friendly waiter, served us with one stick each of Chicken Satay – free of charge. The chicken tasted like it was barbecued after soaking it in a light marinade. I loved how the natural flavor of the meat was preserved as it blended well with the sweet and creamy peanut sauce. OISHI!


France and the Chicken Satay (Good movie title!) 😛


Fushi’s hot Miso soup’s really good too! I super liked the combination of seaweed, leeks, cubed tofu and other Japanese spices. The soup’s subtle salty flavor was really interesting and the tofu was so soft that it would almost melt in my mouth.



Voracious Charisse and the yummy miso soup! 😀


1,2,3… Let us all say it together, W-O-W!!!! Who could resist this battered shrimp when dipped in gingery and sweetish-salty sauce? Don’t dare me, I couldn’t! Fushi’s Shrimp Tempura’s crunchy on the outside and tasted like there was a million shrimps on the inside. Yummy!



Oh Shrimp Tempura, you are so deliciously tempting!



How could I forget the cooked sushi rolls in eight different flavors? By the way, because I was already full, I only ate three of those. The Kani Cucumber and Spicy Crab surely hit the spot! The Italiano Sushi roll also satisfied my taste bud.




We heartily paid 194 Saudi Riyals (approximately 2,200 pesos or $51) for everything that we ate on that evening! Was it worth the price? If you’re going to ask the Japanese food lovers like France and Charisse, you’d surely get a big YES! 🙂




It was not our first time to dine in Fushi Restaurant; but we always feel the same enthusiasm every time we talk about it and most of all, when we indulge ourselves in savoring their appetizing Japanese dishes whenever we go there to eat!