While the wounded and feeble werewolf – in its human state – was catching her breath and bravely fighting for her life, her furious eyes emitted a yellow glow as she relentlessly heaped resentment on the good-looking vampire in front of her. Surprisingly, her raging emotion did not move him – even a bit! The rough and unstable formation of rocks and dirt surrounding the mine, where they were at, witnessed how this bloodsucking creature heartily expressed remorse for his wrongdoings instead. While closely staring at each other, Mateo Rodriguez (John Lloyd Cruz) persistently convinced the animal-like woman, Lia Ortega (Angel Locsin), of his undying love for her and patiently reminded her of their blissful past romance. Though ambivalent, she remained bold. However, the pain caused by the injury swallowed her strength; she was left with no choice, but to lean her voluptuously delicate body against Mateo’s. The tears contained his fiery vision. Silence spoke. They intimately looked at each other; suddenly, drew their lips closer and closer to each other; and finally, sealed the moment by breathing at each other’s mouth. Whew! Indeed, Imortal is the only Filipino TV series that could raise my hair up, push my heart to beat faster than it should and electrify my total being with a thousand volts.

While watching that intense-filled scene on TV (ABS-CBN), I noticed how the brilliant character artists effectively used their eyes in expressing the depth of their emotions. Incredible!

Another interesting and beautiful pair of important organ for seeing caught my attention when I was facebook-ing, the same night when my favorite Imortal scene was shown. Out of curiosity, I hit the profile picture; and found out it belonged to one of my closest friends, Anna Francia Roxas. A thought suddenly came from my wondering mind, “There must be something special with the human eye – apart from its obvious designed purpose of course!”

Our sense of sight can carry us to the innermost part of an individual. With an ounce of lie, the mouth can gracefully say, “I’m okay and happy!” However, the eye cannot cover up the lie – even when you smile – as it only tells honesty. It reflects sorrow if that’s what you truly feel inside. It sparkles and smiles, perhaps, when you are happy or in love. It proves guilt. It speaks sincerity. It expresses judgment. It utters affection or disgust. More often than not, the person’s real emotion can be seen through his eyes!

What kind of eyes do we have? I am not talking about its shape or color or loveliness! I mean, do we have a loving, fair or judgmental eye? Do we always use it to perceive positivity and not negativity; beauty and not ugliness; uprightness and not vileness?

In the eyes of a child; a parent; a sibling; a lover; a friend; a God, who are we? What are we? Does it even matter? No matter how others see us, there is one ultimate divine truth that we need to remember, we are children of a loving Father in Heaven; therefore, we are somebody! Knowing this must influence us to do a little better every day and look at others as magnificent creations – like us – and not as an object of ridicule or prejudice! With love, kindness, equality, care, positivity, tolerance – it is my fervent hope that in this manner we may BEHOLD…





Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz’s picture was downloaded from ABS-CBN’s official website


Ms. Anna Francia Roxas, thanks again… you know why! 🙂







5 responses to “BEHOLD

  1. ANOTHER worth reading piece from a more than deserving author. clap clap clap…I am proud i am from the same school where u graduated. You’re one of the best SCNHS has ever produced. MABROOK……GOD BLESS

  2. couldn’t agree more…Eyes are the window of one’s soul..(nice pic here too sis..that looks of yours can tell..)

  3. @Jedd & Bro Mckest: Shukran Katir!!!! You guys rock!!!!

    @Nizy: Imortal is really cool…. 😀 Thanks Nizy! mwah Are you an avid fan of imortal? Do you remember the scene i described in this post? 🙂 super cool ei?

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