Since we only get about thirty to forty-five days paid vacation each year, my husband and I always ensure that we make the most out of our precious time off. My interpretation of the phrase “make the most out of our precious time off” is travelling to as many places, within budget, as I can while there’s time. What this means to Rowel, on the other hand, is literally staying at home, eating delicious Filipino cuisine, sleeping in and spending some quality time with family members and friends! I know, I’m so wicked! hehehehe

Last year, 2010, was our busiest holiday ever and I should be the one to blame because it was me who planned for every thing. Actually, Rowel was pretty upset because instead of resting and relaxing, we spent most of our time travelling – extensively! I did totally understand because we didn’t even get the chance to be with our families long enough to be able to really bond with them. How could you not be mad if this was your schedule?

June 10: Flew from Saudi Arabia…

June 11: Arrived in the Philippines… 😀

June 12-14: IN MANILA–> Did temple session, attended church activity, bonded with friends and family, took care of things that we needed to do while in the  Philippines… (3 days)

June 15-22: JAPAN Escapade… (7 days)

June 23-27: Visited my family in DAVAO, enjoyed a day at the beach…(5 days)

June 27-30: THAILAND adventure… (4 days)

July 1-2: PANGASINAN —> GETAWAY… (2 days)

July 3: An amazing day in TAGAYTAY (1 day)

July 4-7: IN MANILA –> Met up with some friends, did temple sessions, attended church activities… 🙂 (4 days)

July 8: Flew back to Saudi Arabia… 😦

July 9: Rest

July 10: BAck to work

WHOAHHHH!!!!! Imagine a day that we would literally get out of bed and hit the road without taking a bath or changing our clothes just for us not to miss our flight! Oh wait, I think it was just me. Rowel did find time to change though! hahahha

Oh well, let’s move on…. 😀

Of all the places that we visited last year, it was only in TAGAYTAY that we didn’t have to spend much just for us to be able to enjoy a million-pesos-worth of experience! My dad and I fell in love with the place the moment that we laid our eyes on its picturesque view! Yes, it was our first time to visit Tagaytay! 😀

Our smiles could tell how happy we were to be there!

We were so excited to buy beautiful stuff  from Tagaytay for our family and friends in Davao!


We were only there for about an hour; but the special moments – I shared with the two important men in my life, in that alluring place and for that short period of time – were truly unforgettable!

                  The best place to be with someone special! 🙂

TAgaytay is also perfect for family outing! 😀


The only thing that disappointed me was the weather! I thought Tagaytay was really a cold place, but I was wrong. I didn’t feel even a subtle touch of cool breeze on my face. However, I still enjoyed the experience. 

Panoramic view of the Taal Volcano…  If we had a Digital SLR camera,  we could have beautifully captured this place…. 🙂

The breathtaking scenery was all worth the traffic and travel fatigue!  We love Tagaytay and if we’ll have time, we’ll visit this place again! 🙂