Kaye’s Creamy Chicken: An Easy-to-cook Recipe for Everybody

It was December of 2009 when Kaye and her husband, Bill, invited us for dinner at their beautiful home in Saudi Arabia. Kaye lavishly prepared palatable dishes for us to enjoy while sharing stories over their delightfully set dining table. Of all the food(s) I ate on that very evening, it was this Creamy Chicken recipe that I got hooked. That’s why; I asked her straight away on how it’s cooked! Now, every time I prepare this recipe, it never fails to remind me of Kaye Taylor (one of the awesome British women I’ve known). Okay! Enough with the drama and let’s start cooking!!!


½ kl                 Breast Chicken (deboned)

¼ kl                 Button Mushroom

1 medium        Red Bell Pepper

3 stalks             Spring Onions (Sibuyas dahon)

1 can                Campbell Cream of Mushroom/chicken soup

1 can                Cream (Nestle, Almarai, etc)

Oil or butter

Paprika            (optional)

Pepper & Sugar (my version)

Grated cheese (my version)


Cooking Procedures:

  • Cut the breast chicken into strips (about an inch) or according to your size preference.



  • Depending on the size of your button mushrooms, cut each piece into half or according to your desired thinness.



  • Cube the red bell pepper…








  • Slice the spring onions into small pieces…




*The raw ingredients should look pretty much like this after slicing.


  • Heat the cooking pot over medium fire and then add oil or butter.

  • Sautee the chicken until it’s almost cook. Add the mushroom, spring onions and red bell pepper and sautee all together for about 5 to 10 minutes. Season with paprika. (For my version, I normally exclude paprika and replace it with a dash of pepper and a little bit of sugar).

  • As soon as the first four ingredients are done, pour the Campbell Cream Soup and Nestle/Almarai cream. Stir until your preferred creaminess is achieved. (Sister Kaye told me not to add salt as the cream soup is already salty. So, I never did! However, I always add grated cheese to make it tastier and creamier).













My husband thinks that this is a great sauce for pasta, but not for me. Because I am so Asian, I always believe that this is perfect with steamed rice! How about you???? What do you think??? Please let me know! 😀





…watching Kaye while she’s making a yummy dessert! 🙂




2 responses to “Kaye’s Creamy Chicken: An Easy-to-cook Recipe for Everybody

  1. wow Chang ngayon ko lang na read ito..Try ko nga madali nga lang siya pero pag palagi nakakataba hehehehhhee..thanks for sharing….mwaaaahhhh

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