Ring! Ring! rrriiiinnnngggg….. I rushed to pick up the phone and while catching my breath I politely answered, “Hello, good morning!” The person on the other line enthusiastically said, “Hey, I’m gonna cook ‘Alfredo’ topped with Francia’s very own bite-size pieces of grilled chicken… and and and I will make a yummy garlic bread!” Vividly recognizing her voice and the way she talked I thought, “aaahhhh… it’s just France!” With an uninterested tone I replied, “Really ‘Ate’?” Okay, for the benefit of my English Speaker friends, ‘Ate’[ah-te] is a tagalog term that we, Filipinos, use to imply respect for an older sister or a female friend. Filipino class students, dismiss! Going back to the conversation, my apathetic voice was turned to excitement when she invited me for dinner to taste her version of FETTUCCINE ALFREDO at her cozy home.  What do you think was the response of a food aficionado like me??? Of course, a resounding YES! After our conversation over the phone, I felt that the clock was ticking irritatingly slowly… 😀

Without a second thought, I stopped what I was doing and hurriedly left my office as soon as my computer clock hit five o’clock P.M.! Then, I headed Ate France’s home with a curious mind and an empty stomach… couldn’t wait to dig in!

Out of excitement, I was going to ram down the door of her house. However, I changed my mind thinking that I might get into trouble if I’d do so. Oh yeah! I wasn’t really ready to gamble my reputation and worst, my life’s future for Francia’s Alfredo!  So, I insistently knocked her flat’s front door instead.

My Asian-looking eyes transformed their shape into a huge circle when I saw the sophistically prepared Fettuccine Alfredo of Francia.  Wow! She is neither a classical chef nor a professional cook, but her plating style was like a pro. The overall table presentation was delightful! The two goblet glasses, filled with ice cold pineapple juice, were perfectly set on the table adjacent to the porcelain-like plate that was full of generously sauced Fettuccine pasta topped with perfectly grilled and flavorful bite-size pieces of chicken and finished off with an artful garnishing of parsley. Sounds good, right? The taste was even better!

Knowing that I was not the only one invited, I sensibly asked Ate France to make another plate for me. She did! Aside from topping my Fettuccine pasta with chicken, she also dashed it with parmesan cheese. I added some shredded cheddar cheese just to make it even cheesier. The Alfredo sauce was rich and creamy in texture and the fettuccine pasta was cooked al dente. In fact, twirling fettuccine on my fork was as easy as wearing a g-string like Tarzan did! Hehehe As soon as the first saucy pasta touched my tongue, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting more. The sauce had that subtle taste of garlic and mushroom and the chicken was undeniably juicy and truly grilled to perfection. And oh… the two types of cheese even added to that salty but delicioso taste. Francia’s Fettuccine Alfredo had that lingering and irresistible creaminess. The simple ingredients wonderfully complemented each other creating that balanced flavor. Let’s not forget the garlic bread… It was crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside and the garlic flavor was only light! Excellente! (Wait, I can see you drooling! Kindly wipe that excess saliva from your mouth) hahahaha

I thought it was just me who was convinced how scrumptious Francia’s Alfredo was. Even our friends, who are finicky eaters and only want that traditional Filipino style spaghetti, loved it! There was Bon who was not a huge “white pasta” lover but deliberately said it was good.  Khris’ preference was tweaked after tasting it and said, “this is more delicious than my mom’s carbonara!” (I’m glad your mom doesn’t read blogs) hahahaha On the other hand, Lorex was just quietly and seriously eating Francia’s Alfredo and left us wondering if he liked it too. Ate France couldn’t help herself and asked, “Is it good?” Lorex just simply replied, “If I’ll get another serving, it only means it’s yummy!” …and he did ladies and gentlemen! Eduard, who is a good cook, told Ate France that it seemed like he didn’t taste it because it was not good enough. Oh yeah! He wanted more of it! So tricky! 😛 Lastly, let me hold my breath before writing this, my husband heartily and loudly shouted, “I LOVE YOU…FRANCE!” after tasting her pasta. But let me clear things, this is not the reason why I would die for Francia’s Fettuccine Alfredo! 😛

I’ve asked permission from her if I could share the ingredients but she refused. Nonetheless, there’s one secret component in her “worth dying” Alfredo recipe that she allowed me to disclose and that is “just cook it with a happy heart!”

Because of its fine-restaurant-like taste, I believe that Francia’s Alfredo is indeed worth dying for! Eat Eat Eat


Model:  Ms. Anna Francia A. Roxas





Thank you Bon Talampas for editing the pictures!




  1. base!!! yehey! una ko!. ang daldal ni chang! galing mag blog! di nauubusan ng salita, parang habang kinukwento nya kasalukuyan palang syang kumakain! ^^

    nakakagutom! ung garlic bread the best!!! sarap nun!!!

    sana maulit muli! ayiii

    • basta para kay ate Francia, kailangan mag-effort ako! hahaha

      oo nga! kakagutom tuloy….

      next time daw… yong spag naman nya… tapos baked mac… i don’t know when nya lulutuin… hehehe

  2. 2nd BASE
    Prang agawan base lang,,,nyahahaha…

    oi oi oi kagaling mo nmn iha! tama si bonex kadaldal akala mo kaharap nya lang un kinukwentuhan nya siguro habang nag susulat ka for y’r blog naiisip mo n prang kaharap mo lang si francia n dvang….

    Wait may garlic bread ba??? hindi ata umabot sa akin un….si khris nag abot sa akin ng food ,,,hindi nmn kaya?

    it was crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside and the garlic flavor was only light! Excellente! (Wait, I can see you drooling! Kindly wipe that excess saliva from your mouth) hahahaha

    d best keep it up!

    • kuya Duard! the best ang garlic bread… sayang di mo natikman!

      Wag kang mag-alala.. talagang nakalimutan nyang lagyan ng garlic bread ang lahat ng binigyan ng baon… wahhahaha oo tama! hindi kinain ni khris ang garlic bread for you… wala ka talagang garlic bread! wahahhahaha

      kuya naka-relate ka? naglaway ka? wahahahha

    • YUP, that’s ate FRANCE… ang ganda nya and ang arte pa! ahhahaha

      parang napaka-sensual naman ng picture nya dyan! PEACE ate shawie! hahahaha

  3. im so super star naman here! thanks chang sa blog and thanks at naibigan ng lahat ang luto ko!

    may laro ba dito at agawan base pa! basta …secret po ang recipe sorry i can’t share …. hehehehehe basta whatever you cook kahit tuyo pa yan…you should cook it with all your heart para masarap ang kalalabasan at talagang maiibigan ng kakain….

    garlic bread … madali lang gawin yun…kahit araw araw gusto mo bons? hehehehe

    but kidding aside…it’s such a great feeling when everybody loves the food that you cook … mas nakaka inspire na magluto ng magluto ….

    wait for my next pasta dish! 😉

  4. nagutom ako sa blog mo chang. Pero yong top secret ng recipe hindi mo nakuha. Convince her to reveal the ingredients, din bulong mo agad sa akin. hehehe

  5. Waaaaaaaaa andito ko.. yey!! hehehe… Next…… SPAGHETTI SHOWDOWN!!! hehehe… judges tayo Chang!!! Franz spag vs Lorex spag… sana may sumali pa para marami tayong kakainin hehehe….

      • Ate, dapat magset tayo… dali! masaya yon i-blog! hahahaha pero kelangan natin i-post recipe nyo and secret ingredients…. 😀 deal?

    • type ko ang idea ni khris…. cge na para may new topic ako… pero marami kaseng nag-ask sakin ng recipe lalo na sa post ko na ito eh… so next time na mag-blog ako about food may recipe na dapat…

      Trivia para sa mga followers/readers ko… ito na ang number 1 post ko ayon sa statistics…. marami paring may gusto na magbasa ng blog about food kaysa love… hahahahha

  6. I guess the reason why this blog about food is more interesting than love is because the pics itself speak of how chunky the experience was. Tasting and describing the experience made us crave for more from a seemingly pro-like blogger like one Charisse Bien. Good job! More blogs, pls!!!

    • Thanks ate Ginalyn….

      I’ve always wanted to become a food blogger, but i believe my skills ain’t good enough to become one…. I need to practice… taste more food… learn more adjectives…. food blogging is fun!

      I’m glad i already have bookings for more food tasting experience… I will food blog as often as time permits… and syempre depende pag may mag-offer ng food tasting… hehehe

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